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Independence and a Sense of Belonging?

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  • merlinofexmoor
    Independence and a Sense of Belonging? [ One of the things which I am very curious about within the things you say, not that I am in possession of the mystical
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 24, 2012
      Independence and a Sense of Belonging?

      [ One of the things which I am very curious about within the things you
      say, not that I am in possession of the mystical in life, is saying that
      on the one hand you belong to no creed, no philosophy, no religion,
      nation less, and also that life has no meaning, yet on the other hand
      talking so much about your affinity with life, with the planet, where
      you live, some of the people, etc. So how do these thing match up and
      equate. I find this puzzling. Surely you feel a sense of belonging? ]

      Deep Waters come to the Surface.

      There is no need for you to try and make any sense of it. Don't let
      it worry you or bother you. But this is all a part of the integrative
      process of digesting these things, which all would have to do for
      themselves. It cannot be done for you. It is often said that some of
      the things I say sound paradoxical and contradictory, but truly they are
      not. As for meaning then there is something far greater than that, and
      that is the thing meant. Life is not symbolic, is has no meaning, it is
      what it is, and with no pretence to be anything else. It is its purpose.
      It is not something it's striving for, it IS IT. You see; all these
      things, a nationality, a home here, the folks whom you know, etc, these
      are all part of a whole. They are not separate things looking for a home
      or a unity. I am not some separate thing looking for a home. Existence
      is my home. I am not something waiting TO BE. I AM NOW.

      I have mentioned, so many times, that we are made of three distinct
      parts, a Trinity. But these are not three isolated bits or parts, they
      are all a part of ONE THING. ME. But even that (the sum of me) is still
      a part of a WHOLE even though it is a discrete vortextural phenomenon
      within its own manifest emanation. It is ( I AM ) not isolated from the
      ALL and that which is NOT me. This is EXACTLY what the UNION ( not the
      mystical transcendent reunion which so many are looking for) is ALL

      Why does it sound weird and paradoxical to you? Why shouldn't it.
      Who even talks about it or writes about it? I have never found anybody
      doing that. Who has mentioned it to you? Who has ever tried explaining
      it to you? Can you digest that which you have not yet eaten? Yet when
      you eat then you HAVE to digest it. It isn't a choice. Is somebody
      saying to you that such things cannot be, or are not so, when you are
      living it, going to stop you from living it? Of course not. Is somebody
      saying to you that you cannot see going to prevent you from seeing? Of
      course not. Could they say that you are not breathing that which you are
      breathing? They would know not what they are talking about.

      Have I not also stated enough times that loosing yourself in the ALL is
      that which brings you to another whole level of BEING? Whether it is
      hard to grasp or not I cannot help that, but it may sound odd to say
      that I AM is not important to I AM. It is that which I AM not which is
      important to I AM. Without I AM then that which I AM NOT could not BE.
      For there would be no I AM not that. But you MUST know what you ARE
      before you can realise what you are NOT. YOU are not something which can
      be found and located in space and time. Hard to grasp? No, not when you
      have no choice but to grasp it. But as yet you have not had to grasp and
      digest it have you. Trying to rationalise it until you do will do
      nothing for you. These things are not about thinking and thoughts. No
      more so than the daily food which you eat is about words and thoughts.
      Living life is easy enough, you just get on with it. But that does not
      make it all a simplistic and logical thing does it. When folks say to me
      that there is no mysticism, and no mystery to life, then I just laugh,
      for they know not what they are talking about. Are they trying to
      convince me of something? Such as I AM NOT maybe? They don't see how
      silly it all sounds for it is where they ARE AT. There is no paradox
      where answer lay. The Knower is not left bereft of Knowing. The Watcher
      at the Gates of Dawn has only one Home; but many abodes. You will NOT
      learn that in the transcendent mystical reunion. THERE IS MORE.

      Dick Richardson

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