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The funniest email?

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  • merlinofexmoor
    The funniest email? [ You must have had some funny emails over the years Merlin. Can you remember the funniest one? Can you also recall the best oration
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 23, 2012
      The funniest email?

      [ You must have had some funny emails over the years Merlin. Can you
      remember the funniest one? Can you also recall the best oration which
      you ever heard or read? ]

      I take it that you mean funny as in humorous and witty, not in the sense
      of weird peculiar. I have had many weird emails, I still get them :- )))
      But it is interesting that you mention this because in fact, no, not
      that many emails have ever been funny and witty in the sense that you
      sit there pissing yourself laughing when having read it. But I have had
      some, yes. It is hard to try and recall them off the top of your head
      but usually they have been written by academics or wordsmiths with a
      good education, a keen eye and ear and a good vocabulary, and a good
      sense of fun.

      Two that I can recall of the top of my head; one was written by a
      professor in a university in the Nederland's (and English is not
      even his native tongue) who was trying to get his head around mystical
      experiences. He could turn the greatest of attacks and sarcasm into a
      text which was a pleasure and education to read :- ) And every time.
      What a gift eh. The other which I can recall at the moment was even a
      year or two before that one, so that is a long time ago, about eleven
      years ago now, I can't remember who the bloke was now but an
      academic of some kind and at that time he was studying the religion of
      Gnosticism. Anyway one morning he read an email from me and he began by
      splattering a mouthful of coffee all over his keyboard and nearly
      blowing it up :- ))) The nearest I ever came to setting fire to
      somebody's computer and while nearly choking them at the same time
      :- ) But he sure was witty and good with words. But I will have these
      on the spare portable hard drive somewhere. But it is a case of digging
      them out now. So many emails. But humour and witty like that is rare in
      email communication and certainly fun to receive.

      The best oration? Yes, and no. It was something I read in a library
      book which I had out about thirty years ago, or more. I cannot even
      remember what the book was about, let alone what it was called. I think
      it might have been about politics. But it was an oration of about two
      pages within this book and it was written by Oscar Wilde. On reading it
      you just stopped dead and held your breath and then went back and read
      it again about six times. I cannot even remember what it was about
      exactly, let alone what it said, I sure wish I had a copy of it. I
      ought to have written it out. But it was plainly a plea on behalf of the
      individual within the society.

      He was also a very witty person too. Here is one of his quotes –

      "America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence
      without civilization in between".


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