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Knack for Describing?

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  • merlinofexmoor
    Knack for Describing? [ A while back somebody mentioned that they liked the way you described and explained things, you seem to have knack for it. I enjoyed
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 23, 2012
      Knack for Describing?

      [ A while back somebody mentioned that they liked the way you described
      and explained things, you seem to have knack for it. I enjoyed your
      describing those balmy summer evenings during the heat wave, for I know
      something about that too : )) But some things are too hard to imagine
      no matter how hard one tries. ]

      Emmm :- ))) But you never forget them do you. Isn't that why we say
      `the good old days'. But if I do have any knack for describing
      things then it is due to needs must and much practice, especially in
      some of the jobs I have had and also in trying to answer questions about
      stuff written. (no, not on the toilet cleaning job). Practice will not
      make perfect but it makes things a bit better than if you don't
      practice :- ))) I probably told you about the story of the hardest job
      ever – describing how to negotiate roundabouts when driving to one
      particular woman. But we got there eventually and she yelled EURIKA !
      :- ))) Man it was funny, and she was a good laugh and a fantastic lady.
      But the hardest job I ever had was teaching a deaf and dumb lady –
      we had to invent a way of communicating, but we got around it :- )))

      Ironically however, I never did describe places and people much in the
      fictional novel for I felt it best that folks should imagine those
      things for themselves, it is more fun and it involves them more. That is
      just one of the reasons that I could never read something like Lord of
      the Rings, for, to me at least, the descriptions are so long and so
      tedious, and just not necessary in a fiction book. It ain't as
      though they are real places is it :- )))) And anyway, photographs are
      better at that :- ))) How many words would it take for one picture eh.
      And why bother to read any fiction at all (I have never read much of it)
      if the reader cannot take part in it? Fiction IS for fun innit. Unless
      it is a religion of course then that is for politics :- )))

      Too hard to imagine correctly? Indeed so. But in order to KNOW that
      one did not imagine it right requires proof that one did not imagine it
      right. Perhaps the best one ever is when your kids are babies and you
      try to imagine what they will be like when grown up – you NEVER ever
      get it right; and that gets proved, every time :- )))) And that
      ain't fiction either, that is life :- ))) And life ain't fiction
      or imagination.

      Ahh, balmy summer evenings when one is young and so full of life eh. Is
      there ever anything better than that? Naaahhhh. To have lived for just
      one of those evenings and nights would have been worth it all – and
      millions of years of evolution too. Better the ideal in form and
      actuality than in essence and principle. And around the dear ruin, each
      wish of my heart, would entwine itself verdantly still.

      They can argue about that until stars shine out of their rear passage :-


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