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How many emails each day?

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  • merlinofexmoor
    How many emails each day? [ How many emails do you send each day Richard? ] Not many, and it is usually all done before seven or eight in the morning. Then I
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 23, 2012
      How many emails each day?

      [ How many emails do you send each day Richard? ]

      Not many, and it is usually all done before seven or eight in the
      morning. Then I get on with the day.

      About ninety percent of the emails which come this way these days go
      straight into the spam box so I never look at them at all. If a few real
      emails slip in among them then that is tough luck. But most of the rest
      is simply replying to an email, or a part of it; not writing one. I have
      written many over the years but have virtually stopped doing that now.
      But I don't get anything like the amount of emails that I used to
      get when I had my email address on the website. I soon took that off :-
      ))) So, it sure proves that folks read websites does it not. One of my
      favourite websites is British Garden Birds. That is to say the winged
      variety that fly and come and visit the garden for grub. You also get
      the vocals of what they sound like, for you can invariably hear more
      birds than you can see. My favourite bird, apart from the Merlin, is the
      Chaffinch. They sit and eat their grub very politely and do not
      interfere with any of the other birds. The Robins are the biggest
      bullies of the lot. But they do look pretty on the snow covered fence at
      Yuletide :- ))) Assuming that there is any snow at Yuletide, and which
      is very rare here. I have never known such a mild winter as this one has
      been. Maybe the earth is warming up :- ))) I hope so.

      Today, for the large part I shall be reading the book which my wife sent
      off for – How to use Slide Rules. I was gobsmacked to find that I
      had forgotten it all. So a few days refresher course, just for fun of
      course, not need. Plus tending to the animals. Wife and one of the kids
      is due home later today so I must also tidy up. It is also another ones
      birthday tomorrow, so that has to be organised. Never a dull moment eh.
      The postman told me yesterday that a few days ago he had to take down
      one of our hanging flower baskets because he had head butted it –
      must have been postman Pat :- )))) Man, isn't life fascinating. I
      am also trying to get on with a second fictional novel, but I sure
      ain't getting much time for it. The family also want me to scan in
      many old photographs into E format. Gawd, that takes ages. But I will
      do what I can for them. They do say that when you are retired you have
      got plenty of time to do things - Pphhhhttt:>! There is not enough time
      in the whole of a long lifetime here to do all the things that one would
      like to do. I would also like to have my own balloon, and/or a spitfire,
      but I cannot afford them; so, just a nice dream :- )) Or a really nice
      pea green boat and sail away with – ah, never mind :- )))) The
      washing up awaits.


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