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Philosophy on Yahoo Groups?

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  • merlinofexmoor
    Philosophy on Yahoo Groups? [ I think there is also a general decline in the use of Yahoo and other stranger-based discussion groups. I think a few studies
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 22, 2012
      Philosophy on Yahoo Groups?

      [ I think there is also a general decline in the use of Yahoo and other
      stranger-based discussion groups. I think a few studies have shown that
      most people interact online with friends and acquaintances via Facebook
      instead of strangers via Yahoo Groups. Something Scott read a few weeks
      ago said that Yahoo Groups users tend to be over 50 (or so) and users of
      the other social networks tend to be under 40. But yes, I would imagine
      that discussion groups about philosophy rank among the lowest in
      attendance. Groups discussing American Idol, etc, are probably more
      popular. - Sue ]

      Had such things as facebook and twittering et al come along before the
      far more versatile Yahoo groups format of communication then if and when
      Yahoo groups came along it might have been kept clear of the thing which
      ruined it near on ten years ago. But this is the age old phenomenon of
      democracy dragging everything down to the lowest common denominator in
      society; and which seems to be inevitable. Many use the terms `the
      herd mentality' or `the mob'. Not very nice terms but there
      is cell of truth in it.

      Given that I personally only ever use private email or Yahoo groups for
      electronic communication then I am not really in a position to talk
      about such things as facebook. But I know that I would not touch them
      with somebody else's barge pole. If it is a case of only talking to
      family and friends then who needs electronics for it? Do it live or by
      telephone. But that is up to them isn't it. Folks are lucky to have
      all these alternatives in this day and age. I wonder how many of them
      have ever written a letter during their life :- ))) As for collecting
      `friends' then I hear tell some of them have hundreds of
      `friends'. I wonder if they know what a friend is.

      However, and be all that as it is, things like Philosophy and Psychology
      are not `mob' interests. It does make one begin to wonder if
      anything that requires any thought and experience is of mob interest.
      But my own personal experience of it is that these things are not age
      related at all. Age groups do of course have their own affinities, and
      which is nothing new, so that is a factor in it no doubt. And even the
      old were young once, so do not begrudge them their youth. But if
      somebody wants a really interesting conversation then it is very rare to
      find one in a public bar. You need to go into the lounge bar, and even
      then you will be lucky to find one. As for the question of what it is TO
      BE and what it entails then perhaps they ought to add `To BE at
      what point' ! We are not all AT the same point at the same time, and
      which ought to be obvious to everybody, but there is such a great social
      love of this `we are all the same' thing. We are NOT all the
      same. Trying to buddle human beings into neat packages will never work.
      It will never work because it ain't so. Accept the differences and
      grab the day. It is not going to come back again.

      There is also the point about if somebody has something to say then go
      and write your own book. Nothing is preventing them. If somebody does
      not have anything to say then get out there and do some learning. You
      will not learn about life and people in a closet or confined to a cave.
      Whether it be a physical or psychological cave. Just as a matter of
      interest, back during the mid nineties internet discussion forums worked
      very well indeed, but the more people who joined them then the worse
      they became. Should that be surprising?

      Dick Richardson

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