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No Future in History?

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  • merlinofexmoor
    No Future in History? [ You said that there was no future in history. I cannot work out yet whether this is so obvious that it isn t worth saying, or if it is
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 22, 2012
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      No Future in History?

      [ You said that there was no future in history. I cannot work out yet
      whether this is so obvious that it isn't worth saying, or if it is
      deeply profound and meaningful, or if it is just a joke and a play on
      words? ]

      It is neither of those things sir. Let me explain it to you this way and
      it might help, then again it might not. It depends on you and where you
      are at.

      If one were to live one's life deeply ensnared in such things as
      remorse, or hate, or a lust for vengeance, or jealousy, or fear; then
      life here on earth is made into a living hell by virtue of which. The
      past is DEAD and GONE, water under the bridge and long gone; and you can
      only live in it by way of memory. But, you carry your memories with you
      all your days here, and you sure need them to operate here.

      But you MUST keep them in perspective. Memories is what they ARE. Learn
      the lessons from them and carry those lessons with you. Carry the good
      memories with you and recall them regularly, smile and say to yourself
      that was good, and move on. Look at the bad memories which you have, if
      you have any, and use them too for the good of today and tomorrow. But
      don't take things which they are about with you, for they are GONE.
      That time and that place and those events, those people, are GONE they
      do not exist her now. Hence the saying that there is no future in
      history. Smile, be glad about what you have learned through life and
      MOVE ON. Nothing is for nothing. Your life is not for nothing. Your
      experiences are not for nothing. Your emotions are not for nothing. The
      faculties which you have here and now are not for nothing. There is no
      such thing as Nothing. Nothing comes from nothing and nothing goes to
      nothing. Keep rolling on. Use what you learn and help build a better
      tomorrow in this neck of the woods. All these thing are building blocks.
      We walk on the dead and look to the sky, but don't carry the dead
      with you; for that will just hold you back. It was great to be a little
      boy. But you are not one now. It was great to be a starry eyed teenager
      in love for the first time. But you are not one now. Move on. There is
      no living in the past; but only in the now. And you ain't going back
      to erase or alter a jot of it. No amount of tears will wash away what
      was done. Make the future instead.


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