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Re: Your country my country shite?

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  • William
    ... When you blow out into diatribes about experience and love I know you are beyond your depth and need a rest. I try to take a nap every day it really
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 21, 2012
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      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "merlinofexmoor" <merlinofexmoor@...> wrote:
      > Your country my country shite?
      > [ I,ve been around ,buddy so don`t give me that high brow bull shit.
      > Your pants go on one leg at a time too. Live a long time ,Merlin. Bill ]
      > Don't give me all this `your country and my country shite' I
      > am not a frigging country and do not make countries, and I don't not
      > want to rule any country. I am a life conscious form who happens to like
      > it where I am living well enough, given the low state of evolution as
      > yet. Neither do I give a shite about homo sapiens or erectusses. I am
      > interested in the next evolutionary mob; and the ones after them. I owe
      > allegiance to no country, no nation, no flag. Of course we have never
      > had a coloured president; we don't have presidents here. We have an
      > elected house of members of parliament and each party within it chooses
      > their own minsters (and even that ain't right) if and when they get
      > in a position to choose one then they chose a prime minister. I have a
      > party of one. At least you do not need money to get votes here. Talk
      > about politics, they cannot even get education right yet after about
      > 6000 years of practice. So, you think that life and conscious existence
      > comes from Africa do you? :- ))))) WOW !!! What are you? Where do you
      > come from? Why do you exist? What are you when all the bits that are not
      > you are subtracted from the system? What do you know? What part of you
      > KNOWS ???
      > Merlin
      >Merlin, I am not much for absolutes, it is like eternity and has no meaning. Put it away with love and other concepts available to the simple minded. For what may be the best probability I depend upon reproducable scientific expermentally proven concepts. Sure ,some scientific theory is not susceptable to reproducable expermentation but for concepts that have passed that level of scrutany there is seldom reversal. Now before you get your shorts in a ball I know you rebell on the slightest provocation . That is not conversation but autonomy.
      When you blow out into diatribes about experience and love I know you are beyond your depth and need a rest. I try to take a nap every day it really helps the older brain to have some recovery time from habitual process.
      Beginning and end make sense to me. I cannot explain a mobius strip but it does not prove eternity in any way to me. It is a twisted bit of paper that has been blown up into an eternal symbol.I expect you will follow your present path into the sod, at least you have a consistancy worth note. Your mystacism leaves me much the same. It is in no way provable one way or another. I`ll take my operating principles with more gravitas than the one person claims of mental states. I do not plan to change your mind as you have a lifetime of ego invested in your mystacism. I understand your position but simply do not agree with your conclusions. You are most interesting for me as I would like to know where such deviance leads a person. Being wrong is not evil but promoting a known falsehood crosses the line. Since time is a concept of man mans brain could change it. Leave it be said conversing with you is more provacative that most of the other shite that affords me access. Thanks for still thinking, Bill
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