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Re: Ref Gawdy save the Kingy thing

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  • William
    ... As to your assertions about the bible pounding proclivities of Americans, well we have some but not a majority. I point to a black president, have you had
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 21, 2012
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "merlinofexmoor" <merlinofexmoor@...> wrote:
      > Ref Gawdy save the Kingy thing
      > [ Merlin, I am glad to hear that gawd save the king is not your anthem.
      > Our anthem is actually an old english drinking music relyriced to the
      > National anthem. You have a rebirth in the extremely handsome ,young
      > royals you have coming up. The young princess is a dream and the princes
      > seem human . I recently watched a movie about a roman legionaire who
      > went back north of Hadrians Wall to reclaim his family honor.It
      > portrayed the pre roman britons as wild people , hunter gatherers. Now
      > it may be you need a reinfusion of new genes. That they seem to be near
      > eastern and islamic does seem a regression in many ways. Go to our
      > southwest and see the indian hispanics and you could not help being
      > reminded of the pre roman Britons. Indeed the civilisations come and go
      > but the ideas of personal freedom do not necessarily transfer the gaps.
      > It seems we will always be civilising the barbarian but that is surly a
      > rocky road up. The pope is headed to Mexico to mess up a troubled
      > nation. how sad and regressive. Maby the cartel will get him. Bill ]
      > The `gawd save' (the reigning monarch) is the Anthem of the UK.
      > The UK is not a country. It is an active federation. That tune is a
      > German one, as were the monarchs, so they changed their name to Windsor
      > :- )) It comes from Carl Maria fon Vabers Jubal Overture. But you know
      > the English; if they don't like the head of state then they chop
      > their heads orf. And rightly so indeed. But it is good to have some
      > symbol that stand above daily politics and emperors, innit.
      > England needs new blood? Fugg me you must be joking mate. That might
      > well apply to Wales and Scotland BUT NOT England. You obviously
      > don't know England and its history. It was built on people, coming
      > here from all over the frigging joint from over 33,000 years ago. The
      > people who built Stonehenge recently, only 5000 years ago, the Beaker
      > people, were from Spain. It did go nuts after WW2 when they opened it
      > up to every Tom Dick and Harry – BIG mistake mate, and now they reap
      > the dross of fall-out from that – tough luck eh. You reap what you
      > sow. As for Islam taking over here, man alive you are way off beam, no
      > religion could take over here. It is a different breed of people mate.
      > Trying to rule and organise the English is like trying to heard cats.
      > The will NOT do as they are told. Neither will I. You are confusing it
      > with the USA :- )))) Bunch of religious freaks for the large part and
      > who are seeking salvation from life :- ))))
      > No, I DONT want to go to your south east, or south west or north
      > whatever, there is nothing there I want and I don't even like
      > straight roads – BORING. You can see it all on Google-go-walk-about
      > now. Not at all interesting. You will not find two hamlets alike in
      > Albion mate. I like crooked roads and straight people – not the
      > other way around :- ))) Grab the day.
      > Merlin
      > Merlin, The concept of out of africa seems pretty sound. Every body except the africans left the dark continent 60,000 years ago. The new genome found in Belloruse are most unusual but even though everyone thinks themselves special mitochondrial DNA points to common ancestry for all of Home Sapiens. Your ancestors and mine were in competition with the Neanderthals . The Beaker people are new to me and they come from where the last Neanderthals were found.
      As to your assertions about the bible pounding proclivities of Americans, well we have some but not a majority. I point to a black president, have you had a black king,queen or prime minister. We renounce our red necks not revel in them.
      Now your information about the UK as a federation was appreciated. You have managed to unite many peoples under that federation and I would propose I have been to as many of those places as you. I recently returned from Barbados which now has its independance. It is a dream like place of tall bronze people and idellic weather. Near the equator the weather is nearly always the same, the length of the day is nearly always the same and they have not had a hurricane for decades. The locals party till dawn and the tourists bring them money . They have a robust pub culture and good debate can be had with bronze men with Cambridge accents. I,ve been around ,buddy so don`t give me that high brow bull shit. Your pants go on one leg at a time too. Live a long time ,Merlin. Bill
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