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Re: On Influencing People?

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  • merlinofexmoor
    Why have you let your life become so dominated by religions? Forget it chum, it is all a packet of socio-political lies for power reasons, laugh and move on
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 21, 2012
      Why have you let your life become so dominated by religions? Forget it
      chum, it is all a packet of socio-political lies for power reasons,
      laugh and move on mate. More than half of the world has long ago. Take a
      look at the new group for curiosity, see if you like it. Don't be
      arse-hole stuborn as you usually are you moaning old ratbag. Grab the
      day, wallow in they hay, for never again will it come this way, so what
      do you say?
      Merlin of Exmoor.
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      > > On Influencing People?
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      > > [ What are your views and feelings on influencing people? ]
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      > > It is one of those things that has three aspects to it isn't it. One
      > > being that you cannot exist here and not have any effect on other
      > > and other people and animals. It is inevitable and unpreventable.
      > > your arrival and departure from here has a great effect on some
      > > And somebody will also have to clear away the remains when you are
      > > otherwise it will just be left around to rot and stink.
      > >
      > > Then there is the aspect of whether or not one is trying to have an
      > > effect on people for some reason or other. By and large engineers
      > > not really into trying to have an effect on people but they
      > > will do due to what they make or construct. But plainly people like
      > > doctors, writers (fact or fiction), actors, politicians,
      > > are more directly involved in trying to have an effect on people.
      > > non so as much as and more than religion preachers. I cannot image,
      > > example, anybody writing a book and hoping that it will never be
      read in
      > > case it has an effect on somebody. And in which one has to consider
      > > being a positive or negative effect. Is there anything wrong with a
      > > positive effect?
      > >
      > > As to whether anybody does or does not have much effect on others
      > > it is only the `others' who can know that. I am only guessing this
      > > bit but I imagine that some have tried to make a big effect and have
      > > achieved non at all, whilst others have not tried to have any effect
      > > all and yet have had a great effect and impact on others.
      > >
      > > As to my own personal feelings regarding it then I have no problems
      > > it providing it is a positive effect. But as to whether it does or
      > > does not is not something that one should sit dwelling on, for one
      > > got a life to live. And invariably (not always) any impact or effect
      > > after you have gone anyway. The result and effects of actions done
      > > be fast and swift but more often the waves travel slowly and subtly
      > > washing where they will.
      > >
      > > rwr
      > > Merlin, Unpredictability looms in any endeavour but a sense of
      progress remains necessary as without it only stasis and regression
      are possible. Saying that, I am not advocating a joiners attitude. Why
      others initiate projects is often hidden. Look at the crap we are fed
      by commercial entities. See the political twisting of words and
      concepts for often unknown effects for undisclosed rational. Try to
      find out who is behind a super pac here is the states.
      > Now joining or constructing a new group would gain little besides
      getting rid of the moderator. If she butts in again I would consider
      leaving but let us see if she can restrain her aggression and lameness.
      > I am glad to see you and bookdoc back as you both are interesting
      and do not back down from false authority.
      > I do not know if this medium can survive the new ,hand held
      technology. I do not plan to sally forth into that teenage night.Now i
      do say that existentialism is becoming an old philosophy. The reason I
      remain interested in it is because of the modernist direction. As
      Merlin has so often said the dead writers who unknowingly founded
      existentialism no longer hold great interest for me. Progressive
      liberalism is just too pink for me and protestantism is stuck on gawd.
      So I am left with progressive existentialism or modernism. It seems
      impossible to discern how many are close to my position but only
      politics seems to denote the positions of large numbers of people. I
      have interest in irish politics as I have read that theism is rapidly
      declining on the island. if the irish catholics give up on gawd then
      europe may be free of the millinial scourge. The Mormon will try to
      revive the jesus freaks here but the morman foolishness can sink him.
      Four more years of Obama will push the belivers to the rear where they
      belong. So I still support this site as it has some readership and as
      Merlin says it is little use to write to no one. For me it is still a
      battle with the old forces of priests and religous scoundrils. The
      desolution of the islamic world will continue long after we are gone.
      Cultural evolution may not be a norm but I think it necessary for
      species survival. WRH
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