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Husserl in a nutshell

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    Husserl in a nutshell [ Husserl was a mathametician but of jewish and later protestant theisms. I think it can be argued if his phenmominology was a part of
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      Husserl in a nutshell

      [ Husserl was a mathametician but of jewish and later protestant
      theisms. I think it can be argued if his phenmominology was a part of
      existentialism. He was looking for method , a way to insure accuracy in
      thinking. Existentialist Bill]

      Husserl in a nutshell - `Here I am and here is that thing, what is
      that thing'? He then goes on, like all academics, to try to
      rationalise what THAT THING of observation really is. As though the
      nature of things depended upon his thinking conclusions about it. Life
      ain't made in our imagine or ways of discursive thinking :- ))) We
      have to study IT, not IT study us.

      The reason that I read all the `philosophers' when I was young,
      as well as many other things, was because of altered states of
      consciousness – it sure makes you wonder and check things out :- )
      But at the same time it REVEALS things and levels of BEING and different
      states of conscious existence. But I AM always central to it. I AM the
      Observer of the Observed and the Knower of the Know. So are you. Know
      what your essential nature is ! You will not find in on earth or out
      there in space. YOU are a great wonder dear Asclepius. The first KNOWER
      and the Watcher at the Gates of Dawn.

      So, where Hurssel (and many others) were asking WHAT IS THAT (the
      content of consciousness) I found that to be a very silly starting
      point. I was asking WHAT IS OBSEVING IT. Even at ten years old it
      struck me as being ridiculous that one could know what THAT IS until one
      knew what was observing it – for THAT thing out there might just be
      a part of me, or me putting it out there. But if I could find out what
      I (the observer ) is then one could study the NOT ME, (the observed)
      from that perspective. And by chance or whatever I did come to find out
      what I am (due to the experience of the process of purgation and things
      being stripped away). Then that which I am not took on whole other
      dimensions – and so did I.

      These thing are NOT for trying to work out with your rational thinking
      they are for finding them and KNOWING them and what IS, AS IS. It is
      NOT an intellectual task. The process of Purgation and then finding
      one's SELF at the end of that process is very mysterious but it is
      empirical. Hence why some used the term Mysticism – a good a word as
      any. As with our inner but transcendent state of primordial conscious
      existence too. (Transcendent from time and changing events). Nothing to
      do with little old men up in the sky hurling thunderbolts or wizards :-
      ) KNOW your SELF - and all the parts. You are made of three parts, hence
      a trimorphic phenomenon of emanation from the point of NO DURATION or
      extension. Tis so. You can never ever work this out – you have to
      FIND it and live it. Tis so. Tis quite crazy really – but there you
      go :- ) You NEED a good sense of humour to undergo all this. Keep
      smiling. Life isn't sensible but our existing and enhanced senses
      have access to what we are and where we come from. We go back there for
      a while. Life does not keep secrets from itself. I AM LIFE. But only one
      part of me is a human being.

      Dick Richardson

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