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Phenomenology and Consciousness Studies.

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  • rwr
    Phenomenology and Consciousness Studies. [ Husserl Dick is back and he can stay as long as he wishes. My reexamination of the existential precursor Husserl is
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      Phenomenology and Consciousness Studies.

      [ Husserl

      Dick is back and he can stay as long as he wishes. My reexamination of
      the existential precursor Husserl is going slowly. The recent
      reascendance of Dick leaves me with an attitude of 'told you so' to the
      moderation of this group. Dick has a healthy dislike for knowledge
      gleaned exclusively from books and sees living experience more important
      than endless reading. Well I am back to reading as going out and being
      somebody is very difficult at this time of year here. Husserl was a
      mathametician but of jewish and later protestant theisms. I think it can
      be argued if his phenmominology was a part of existentialism. He was
      looking for method , a way to insure accuracy in thinking. I am looking
      back at his systems and will report on what I find. I repeat I do not
      claim Husserl was an existentialist but his phennominology seems
      tangential. So I hope the moderator finds this worthy of mention here.
      Or have the relevance requirements also changed? O pray tell, are
      wizedry and mystacism apt topics, or is it just politics that trips
      your trigger? You better define the rules before you try to ax people
      again. Dick and I are stiff necked sorts, Existential BILL]

      Since the mid 1970's the study of the phenomenon of consciousness,
      and especially self consciousness has been called Consciousness Studies,
      not mysticism. Large organisations exist all over the world doing this
      – including the USA :- ) For many years I had an invite to the
      Consciousness Studies and Mystics and Scientists meetings in Arizona,
      albeit that I never went to any, but I did do many in Bristol, London
      and Oxford for about twenty years, and had to give talks at them Sir

      However, the study of consciousness and altered states of consciousness
      began in caves before the days of writing and recording history mate.
      Many many millennia ago it also became known as the Perennial
      Philosophy. The central questions being What am I, Where do I come from,
      What am I doing here, How best to do it, and what the fuck is this all
      about. So there you go. Sorry to surprise you but it was nothing to do
      with religion and prat faced gods and demons floating about in the sky
      or up on mount Olympus mate. Why you equate consciousness studies and
      altered states of consciousness (mystical experience) with religions is
      something for yourself to sort out William. I don't personally know
      any religionists in Britain, albeit that there plainly are some –
      probably more Muslims than anything else; and some of them can be a
      right pain in the arse too. Religion fucked this world up lad. It was a
      socio- political con ! Kill the infidels and barbarians, etc.

      So, William, if you do not see consciousness and being AWARE as an
      extant self evident phenomenon, and the Observer being a phenomena well
      worthy of study, and call it all wizardry, then so be it. You must keep
      in mind also that when anything odd happened in medieval times and the
      alchemists and scientists of the times could not understand it,
      normality could not address it, anything known at the time could not
      address it, then some thought that it must then be something to do with
      religion or gods and daemons :- ) A cure-all gap filler :- )

      There will never ever come a time when you can claim "I AM NOT".
      All you can ever know is "I AM". For if you did not exist (even
      in dreamless sleep every night) then you would not be aware that YOU ARE
      NOT. Where there is no awareness at all then YOU AINT. Where there is
      then YOU ARE. And you are always the dead centre of observation. That
      is what self conscious does and how it operates. Study yourself lad.

      As for getting knowledge from books then you don't get ANY knowledge
      from books, you get information and ideas from books. It is then down to
      what you do with them in life. When I was young I had a whole set of
      those black and yellow teach yourself books, I passed them all on to the
      kids. I must have had about fifty of them covering all subjects from
      mathematics to antiques :- ) I taught myself chess from books – but
      playing it, doing it, is the education :- ) Same as living life is. Life
      is not academic, it is a real living phenomena, and I AM THAT. Well, a
      small party if it anyway. There is nothing wrong with books so long as
      you put them down and so long as you don't take it all as gospel
      – find out for yourself ! What a waste of life to do nothing but
      read ! I would much rather chase Lorna Doone up the Badgery Valley.
      Anything that Socrates or Plato can come to know then I can come to
      know, for I am LIFE TOO. And more besides. The human species is still
      evolving and changing William. What do you and I have in common?
      Conscious Existence. But I cannot KNOW that you are conscious so I have
      to take it on observation. But I KNOW that I am. And I KNOW that there
      are different states of conscious existence – been there done that,
      on and off for seventy years. It started when I was three – on a
      bombsite in North London. It revealed that I must come to know myself.
      But your views and outlook William is very narrow and intransigent –
      stuck in the mud, bogged down, non moving, etc. Let go of it all and
      move on, it is never too late. Pull up the anchor and swim in existence
      – it is good.

      Merlin of Exmoor

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