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Re: [existlist] My curiosity is piqued by futurist schemata.

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  • Tim Pendry
    Thank you - I have made it clear that, because of the disgraceful attacks on my integrity by Bill , I will only be watching passively and then leaving when I
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 30, 2011
      Thank you - I have made it clear that, because of the disgraceful attacks on my integrity by 'Bill', I will only be watching passively and then leaving when I know that attacks have ceased. I shall therefore minimise my contribution to direct responses to communications to me or statements about me. Do not expect me to be polite - I have been insulted and will respond in kind when I have to.
      On your substantive point, the problem is with the term 'reality' and I recommend Westerhoff's brilliant short work in the Oxford series which I reviewed here - http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/252260580%c2%a0- although, no doubt, I shall be accused by certain loons of being a manipulator of reality myself! The key point in the review is that virtual reality is legitimately (as Zizek supposes) to be considered a form of the real (despite itself).
      As for Heidegger being a Nazi, the sentence is meaningless because no one saying it today has any conception of what 'being a Nazi' could possibly mean in 1933/1934. To be a Nazi in Germany in 1933/1934 is not the same as being a Nazi in America in 1933/1934 or being a Nazi in Germany in 1993/1994. Maybe it was not wrong to be a Nazi (or a Communist or an American nationalist) at certain points in history or in certain places with the knowledge at one's disposal.
      Not only does he 'apparently get some credit for his other thoughts', Heidegger is clearly one of the most important philosophers of the European twentieth century and no consideration of existentialism is possible without engagement with his concept of Dasein. His politics may be inconvenient but if anyone thinks that existentialism is cuddly Left Bank Camus and nothing else, then they need to get educated - and fast.

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      Subject: [existlist] My curiosity is piqued by futurist schemata.


      Since in Bill's parlance I've 'landed' you, I feel obligated to welcome you and other recent contributors.

      However, I'm hopelessly idealist and shudder at the brave new world technocrats are shaping. However, peppered throughout Zizek's writings are several statements which encourage me to think virtual reality is nevertheless Real despite itself, which I find interesting. He also didn't seem concerned with designer genes. Such is his confidence in the "sublime object of ideology."

      I'm hopeful here that testy beginnings might lead to elaborating substantive differences. What I read at your opinion page seemed to suggest you had more in common with Bill than me, so I'm confused by his reception.

      Making meaning for myself in this present scheme is difficult enough, but the concept of what exactly comprises human nature is endlessly fascinating.


      P.S. Heidegger was a Nazi but apparently gets some credit for his other thoughts.

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