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Re: Sennet and the newer world order

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  • William
    ... Mary et all, I have been responding but not sending because no sense seems to come out of the recent credit limit, S&P downgrade, SEAL copter crash and
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      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Mary" <josephson45r@...> wrote:
      > Jim,
      > Coincidentally, quality is the obsession of the central figure of "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Quality is indefinable but nevertheless produced by few and afforded by even fewer.
      > Mary
      Mary et all, I have been responding but not sending because no sense seems to come out of the recent credit limit, S&P downgrade, SEAL copter crash and the appearance of Sennet and his views.
      At the time the tea party radicals came to whatever power they have, I predicted gridlock as the norm until the people voted a new direction. It is worse than that as the radical right has shown themselves capable of hurting their own country for their narrow political ideologys.
      Jim wants a base doal to support western citizens. After some consideration I do not think that will work. The twenty somethings are gaming the system already and find living at their parents and collecting unemployment to be better than working up the ladder to prosperity. Playing video games and waiting for your check are fine if you have worked for forty years but for those who have not paid their college debts and are on the doal rather than paying taxes I see no reason to initiate a further feeding program. Cut off the enemployment and start the infrastrcture bank. No food stamps, take the job or starve. The argument that we are in the new machine age and human work is obsolite are premature. We need infrasture workers and paying them to stay at home makes no sense. I would ask Jim what was behind the London riots?Why did they attack private sector stores and shops when it was the cops who were the supposed offenders? I understand that neighborhood is lower middle class, are we seeing class unrest as a prelude to lower class social revolt?
      The solution to the SEALs loss is to get out of Afganistan , there is nothing but trouble there and ten years is far too long.
      As to feeding programs Somalia should not be on our list. It is too far gone so let it reset at lower population numbers .
      The strident militarism of US in the last ten years cannot go on. Only the independant voters can break up the gridlock and should they go right at the next election I fear we will fall into revolution and class violence.
      Business is behind the S&P downgrade as the MBA class sees no future in water cooler society . Those middle manager people are worse than the doal as they expect to live high and enjoy great respect. Goldman Sacs made the correct downgrade as they fired thousands of the middle manager fat. I agree with Sennet that high salaries should come with high expertice. Fund managers are speculators and deserve a gambolers share if they win. If they lose they should be fired.
      All in all it has been a restive, tense time that was created by lazy people for the benefit of lazy people. Putting them on the doal is no answer but putting them to good work seems to make sense. So get the hell out of Afganistan and use the leadership cadre to boss the workers in the infrastructure bank. The tea baggers will do all they can to thwart the better interests of the country in general and a constant exposure of their unpatriotic behavour should keep them as villians until they can be voted out. The independants are key as their defection to the tea party is ,at its base, the cause of much of our trouble. In this time of gridlock the accounting needs to continue until we the people can change it. Bill
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