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Re: [existlist] Green jahaad[the art of being tardy}

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  • tom
    Bill I am uncertain to what extent we are getting more aware, and to what extent the establishment is much more upfront about their basic Orwellianism. With
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      I am uncertain to what extent we are getting more aware, and to what extent the establishment is much more upfront about their basic Orwellianism. With the USSR as a rival, it was more difficult to see the blatant imperialism implicit in US foreign policy. As Nietzsche said "He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster." And of course, he is mainly looking at it from an individual point of view. From the point of big brother,monsters are an excuse to persuade the citizens to give them money and surrender liberties to in reality allow them to grow more monstrous. Being online 10 years has definitely given me a much more universal picture of history. The monster we grew up with as enemy was "Godless Communism" and now we are led to believe that we need to keep increasing the military budget to fight religious extremism. And of course, drug dealers have been a monster to justify police state for many years; and before that we had bootleggers.

      Big brother has been growing in power throughout our lives. From it's founding in the late 40s, which included many ex Nazi scirentists, Mafia guys etc. through the shootings of JFK, MLK, RFK, George Wallace, Lennon, Pat Tilman etc, it has grown more bold. Bush invading Iraq was a scene out of a prison yard, with the big strong guy making demands on the little guy, and even when met still results in the little guy getting beat up. Many cheered at murder of Bin Laden, several of his assistants and one of the assistant's wives; but teargas could have been used to capture these people without killing them. But they didn't want to have a live Bin Laden on the stand, and dead men tell no tales. The violent crime rate is about the same as it was in 1980, but the incarceration rate has quadrupled.

      I wonder if we did elect a person determined to stop the madness, how long he would live.


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      It is more easy to be static,conservative. You react little to the present, you have god on your side and he reacts at god speed. Now Eric Margolis estimates the CIA has 5,000 operatives in the mid east. I estimate many ,many more. I like the strategy ,keep the animalia busy in the sand , reducing population ,fighting Jahaad. But if you are a traditionalist this is your bag. I am not a multinationalist I am a modernist and that is temporally precedant to internationalism and its co temporary theory of post modernism. Post modernism did not form up, did not congeal into a viable philosophical movement. Post modernism was not a philosophical moverment it was a economic theory. It is failing, it is erouding our times and none but the existentialists can even understand its false nature.
      Now the post modern losers harkin back to environmental themes with no regard for science or the general good. It is not about the planet or the atmosphere , it is about profit and world power.
      I am asking my generation to see our general ideals in the mid last century have worked and the post modernist,deconstruction is a failure and discrace. We vote and have the money, it is Now a time for change. Lets finish the cultural war by building the biggest meanist street gang in our life time. These lost young people need guidance and we need give it without their knowledge. They are late , late for rationality, late for clear thinking late for the party of man. Bill

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