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Re: Real separation is collective

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  • William
    ... I am an avowed capitalist because it is the system that was and will be in force for my lifetime. I could be against oxygen but what good would that do?
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 1, 2011
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      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Mary" <josephson45r@...> wrote:
      > Bill,
      > Since you are an avowed capitalist, I don't expect you'd appreciate Zizek's drawing attention to any disruptive `uncoupling' or `unplugging' from society. He describes genuine types of separation into collectives which in ancient times caused cultural revolutions and also how goods and services were transacted, not mere superficial religious or regime changes. It would be as if the substance of the sixties counterculture had become reality rather than being absorbed back into the system, which is what occurred with nearly every cause. Today, one can't separate without* being deeply entrenched, which of course, isn't being separate at all.
      > Mary
      I am an avowed capitalist because it is the system that was and will be in force for my lifetime. I could be against oxygen but what good would that do? Theoretical economists are the helium breathers and your Zizek voice is much too shrill. Greenspan was bad enough and he tried to deal from numbers. I really do not want to repeat Marx who had grand language and elevated theories. Half the world tried it and it failed in a head to head competition with the status quo. I think value is an eyes on agreement between traders and the deal isn`t done until the spit is in the hands.
      I do not know if stock exchanges are good measures of worth as they ,take today, are manipulated by forces that often are little but rumors. That little communist Robert Reich is the very sort of theorist economist that causes wild fluctuations in value. Thank christ he went back to the academy. Zizek is like Palin, he wants to sell books and I will not be buying. Writing unprovable theories is no different than writing fiction. Now the very system of following economic facts , the super computers are themselves highly suspect. This is a huge drop today and the last huge drop seemed to have no discernable reason. Read the financial pages tomorrow and you will hear about enemployment numbers and and program trading. There is little human oversight in derivitive trades and I think it should be banned. Bundles of untested and unrelated things leaves you with no idea what you bought. That isn`t capitalism, it is pure wagering. Im not a wagerer and would get out of the market if interest rates were able to generate gains. The damn computers are taking the profitability out of investing.
      I have a theory, it says the investment bankers destroy wealth in order to cover their blunders and bad deals. These last two off the table drops are two strikes for me, next one and I go to gold. Then like my guns they can have it when they pry them from my cold dead hands. Trust me, I got a deal for you. Bill
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