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Re: [existlist] Whew, we made it.

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  • tom
    Bill I don t understand what you are saying. A few months ago when the topic of hidden trafic cameras as well as other speed trap tricks were discussed, it was
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      I don't understand what you are saying. A few months ago when the topic of hidden trafic cameras as well as other speed trap tricks were discussed, it was apparent to you, Wil and I that the primary purpose of these things was generating money for the municipalities involved. Jim seems to have some block against perceiving that to a very large extent there is a gap between the alleged purpose of government activity and the really dominant motive. I suspect this has been bred into all of us to a great extent, but Jim certainly seems to have a much stronger case of it than most. I am not denying that in some cases the reality does correlate with the official version, and any conspiracy assumptions are based on coincidence. However, from the Northwoods Project in 62 in which the Joint Chiefs presented JFK with a number of false flag alternatives to justify a war with Cuba to the shootings of JFK, MLK, RFK, George Wallace and John Lennon through 911 and Welstone's plane crash and Pat Tillman's shooting,the evidence is quite strong that lots of things are going on behind the scenes. Freedom of information has made much concerning these things available to the public;including Northwoods Project, the CIA numerous experiments on creating Manchurian candidates etc. Also senate committees have concluded there were at least 2 gunmen involved in JFK assasination, and senate committees concluded that Bush 1 knew and Reagan should have known of the illegal arms sales and illegal drug sales made by the US military and CIA to fund the Contras. Access to the web gives any of us online a chance to greatly increase our awareness of what has been going on behind the scenes.

      I certainlty don't see intimidation by the powers that be as the cause of conspiracy suspicions, but rather intimidation by the powers that be as the primary cause of a repression of reality. The term "patriotism" is derived from the Latin word "pater" meaning father. To the extent that the government is endowed with this type of love and trust, contradictory messages are repressed from awareness.

      Bill, you are a Dylan fan like me. Put in you tube search "God on our side" and also "Masters of war".
      Both of these were peace songs from the 60s, and both express musically the points I am making.

      If the drug war really was about getting a drug free America, do you think we would be seeing this?
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      For several months now, the street price of cocaine has been falling in the U.S. According to some official estimates, the retail price of cocaine fell to about $135 per gram, that's down significantly from the peak prices in the early '80s when a gram of pure cocaine costs as much as $600.

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      I have an idea what causes what Jim calla conspiracy theories. For the truly anal rententive the side by side analysis was the staple for factorial analysis. Yes on the right and no on the left some real psudomathmeticians even weighted the individual factors. It was the best tool of the agnostics and in some way freed them of the crushing guilt of being wrong. Now had they had the balls to go beyond morality guilt would not have been factored in and the whole stupid exercise could have been avoided. You see it is the draws that cause the over analysis, the choices with lots of guilt and morality attached .
      Now this dick head preacher is not concerned about the end of the world , he is selling tee shirts and books and posters. He is like Palin as he speaks in mystical gibberish and plays the role of a mystic. Now someone here knows about mystics , or perhaps he has convienently forgotten. The only list I make is a Liddy list and it is never printed. Different game for different reasons. Bill

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