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  • William
    ... It is not racism to discourage undisciplined reproduction but the old order will scream it to be such. It took almost ninty years to overthrow slavery and
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      > Bill
      > It appears that when people move from agrarian to commercial industrial life, birth rates fall off. Children can begin to pull their weight on a farm at a young age, but in an industrial society with child labor laws and compulsory education, people usually adapt fast. I certainly favor not encouraging high birth rates by limiting children for which welfare will be paid, but as for increasing big brother to criminalize reproducing beyond a certain number, I certainly think it is unwise and unnecesary in the US and Europe.
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      > Tom, I agree, The US and Europe have little problem with indigenous peoples. It is the immigrants that over breed. In Europe it is moslems and here it is hispanics. It goes back to religous traditions and as I said modern man should be discouraging Islam and Catholocism. Those are old systems that lead to chaos. Here ,although I understand some protestant fundamentalists are having big families , If you have more than two children you are considered catholic or crazy. Atheism is at the core of this controversey, the athiests live for this life ,the theists live for a non existant after life. It is modern philosophy versus ancient philosophy. If we want to stay alive we need shut down the priests and immams. As we finally threw out slavery we need toss out religion and live in a rational world.
      It is not racism to discourage undisciplined reproduction but the old order will scream it to be such. It took almost ninty years to overthrow slavery and I think overpopulation will some day be viewed as a crime just as slavery now is. The problem here can be solved by law and science. In the unbridled parts of the planet the bloody old ways will continue and you know organisations like CIA are counting. I am happy to know they are watching, and aiding what sometimes seems the wrong side. I think the drones will come more and more into this conflict as killing with a joy stick is preferrable to a bayonett. It is just a video game and the operator goes home to the wife and kiddies none the worse for wear. It is possible to design systems where the operator does not know if the targets are real or fictional. There are nuances of machine war that few have contemplated. Science fiction is here and the rules of engagement are being written. Bill
      > I have been reading your posts regarding population growth and would like to add the notion of closing frontiers. Sometime during the lifetime of my great grandfather the American west was populated. Up until that time there was an open area to migrate into, with open land to raise many children with little interference by others. Now the hunter gatherers have bred themselves into such proximity that scarcity is more and more the norm. This is the new reality for man and as shown by your posts we,mankind, are having a very hard time dealing with the reality.
      > I notice the Europeans in this group seem more accoustomed to the concepts of population control than the Americans, the new world peoples see reproductive freedom as a universal right and as Tom pointed out strong factions from the right and left will oppose any attempts to limit births for the forseeable future.
      > Modernists know that high birth rates are a ticket to poverty. I dislike the IQ test but will venture to say that a high IQ tracks with low birth rates. The great cultural wars may boil down to the unbridled reproduction habits of the old religions crashing into modernist realities of the carrying capacity of the planet. Only totalitarian China has faced the problem with success. I understand they use fines and incarceration to enforce limits of one child to urban parents and two children to rural people.
      > For those of us who have made it into the middle class ,economics deals a de facto limit to birthing numbers. It is the lower classes ,all over the world, who feel no economic pressures as they already live in grinding poverty. Stupid,poor people breed because they do not comprehend the consequences of their actions. War and famine are the traditional checks on overpopulation but all out war,in the atomic age is no answer. Since there is almost no political will in the poor places to limit reproduction we are left with conventional warfare and starvation. That is what is happening in Central America,Africa, and the vast spread of Islam. We arm them and they kill each other. It is a horrible solution but it is all we have at the present evolution of the species. Drug wars in central america, general chaos in the middle east and tribal massacures in Africa are the product of stupid people crushed togeather in greater and greater numbers. Asking these people to live in peace is a joke and feeding them only makes them breed faster.
      > If we were to discourage the ancient religions, especially Catholicism and Islam,and keep sending small, non strategic arms along with contraception we might avoid the over ten billion catastrophy. Otherwise we will breed ourselves right off this planet. So the smart people must control the dumb people or we all die, I think it has always been like that. Bill
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