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Re: Teddybears and protein

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  • William
    ... It seems to me that more and more people break away from family but that is just an observation. Serial monogamy has been good to me as I remained free and
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 30, 2011
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, Herman <hhofmeister@...> wrote:
      > Hi Bill,
      > Societies like the USA and Australia hardly have a history; and that only
      > because the previous incumbent societies have been utterly destroyed. In a
      > new society, meanings and values are up for grabs. In old societies,
      > societies with a history, meanings and values are inscribed on things, they
      > are not up for grabs. India, China, Russia, Europe can afford to wait for
      > the dust arising from our birth to settle. They, after all, already know who
      > they are.
      > Cheers
      > Herman
      > Herman, we actually have the same histories as we all came out of africa. All this pedigree garbage is just an attempt at gaining a competative advantage. Those with heriditary wealth rely on the family to attach some value to their lazy lives. Family collectivity seems against individualistic, existentialism. Being immersed in familial zenophobia is a self imposed imprisonment. If you have the wealth such a life can provide great security, I think it depends upon your tolerance for risk and how competative you are. I left home for good at seventeen , I could no longer live under the catholic church and family rules.
      It seems to me that more and more people break away from family but that is just an observation. Serial monogamy has been good to me as I remained free and happy in a series of couplings. A man needs a maid[Neal Young} and a woman needs a breadwinner, out of that not so romantic axiom a stable life can be forged , broken and reforged. As to civilasations ,well that is a concept that is most vague. If you compair the Egyptians of 2000BC and the Myans of 1000AD they were of relatively equil advancement. Now both civilisations are in utter decline , approaching anarchy. The efforts of man,even in collectives, can and are hobbled and broken by forces of nature. So the pedigrees and nuclear families work sometimes and fail sometimes. But as Stephen Stills says"What we can`t do is to try something new" .See how we hate the polygamists and hippie collectivists. Bill
      > On 30 April 2011 04:11, William <v.valleywestdental@...> wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > I can see a certain villification of european culture on the horison.
      > > America has traditionally born the brunt of the brown mans anger and we have
      > > given back as bad as we got.
      > > The big party in London was business, just business, it was the business of
      > > monarchy. The British don`t want a spread of monarchy, it would cut their
      > > market share. It is show bis and they are drawing a big crowd. I applaude
      > > them.
      > > So wheres the meat? Its in the northern hemisphere, at least that is where
      > > it is eaten. Here in the US we grow the soy beans and eat the cattle and
      > > hogs. Anyone in the world will be hard pressed to take that away from us.
      > > So if you want a shot at a high protein diet for some of your population
      > > ,where can you get it? Big, fat, broke Europe looks like a good target. I
      > > see the new flashpoints for countries will be over water,Oil, corn and soy
      > > beans. If you want to lessen the severity of such conflicts ,limit
      > > population.
      > > "At six o`clock their mommies and daddys will take them home to bed
      > > ,because they are tired ,little .Teddybears". Period, no hokey pokey, no
      > > hide the weenie, just go to sleep. Bill
      > >
      > >
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