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Re: [existlist] The pigmys tire

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    Thanks, Bill. Wil ... From: William To: existlist Sent: Wed, Apr 6, 2011 12:17 am Subject:
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      Thanks, Bill.


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      Subject: [existlist] The pigmys tire

      Chewing coca leaves like Kat eventually takes its toll. The great Vermact ran on Amphetamines but was dispatched by regularly drunken troops. Idealogues run on the false concepts of their mania.
      I really do not care what Jim and Herman spew but if they call it existentialism I may beg to differ.
      Some come to existentialism because it grants intellectual credentials,others because it covers past discretions. You cannot pick it up and put it on, you must learn it and live it.
      The pigmys just do not put in the time living, they would rather simply read. Jims deconstructions fade, they got him nowhere. I would not grace his manner as to call it postmodernism. He certainly has not gotten that far.
      Herman just uses big words that do not relate and left to his own devices would probably end up a neo nazi. He does not have the angst to power such a rebellion so he can be ignored without consequence.
      Now the pigmys are in the beginnings of some dispute. With luck they will finish each other off and join Dick in the analomy box.
      The simple rationalists that remain can learn from Wil and discuss among ourselves. Bill

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