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  • tom
    a.. a.. Teens Taken Into Custody For Jaywalking wreg-jaywalking-teens FAST FACTS: a.. Teens Handcuffed, Put In Back of Police Car for Jaywalking b.. Parents
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2011

      a.. Teens Taken Into Custody For Jaywalking


      a.. Teens Handcuffed, Put In Back of Police Car for Jaywalking
      b.. Parents Outraged
      c.. Police Maintain They Have Right To Detain Anyone


      (Memphis 02/28/2011) 14-year old Travis Rodgers and 12-year old DeAundre Wallace went to see a movie at Majestic Cinema Saturday night.

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      After the movie was over, Travis' mother told the teens to meet her across the street at the IHOP in the Riverdale Commons Shopping Center but the two never made it there.

      "It was a police officer. He said can you guys turn around and go the other way," said DeAundre Wallace.

      "As soon as I stopped, the officer said 'Come here and put your hands on the car.' He was searching us and he said hands behind your back. Then he handcuffed us and put us in the back of a police car," explained Rodgers.

      Travis' mother found the teens in the back of a police car. The two were given a juvenile summons for jaywalking.

      It's not just the summons that has Travis and DeAundre's parents upset.

      Their mothers believe police crossed the line.

      "I believe in the law. If he would have done something I can understand. I want you to scare the devil out of him so he can't do it again but just for walking across the street. No, that's uncalled for," said DeAundre's mother Marquette Wallace.

      "The police officers could have warned the kids. They could have said 'look you can't cross right there. You either need to go here or go back over there," said Travis' mother, Lavern Seymour-Rodgers.

      Police say they've had problems with teenagers hanging out in the street between the Cinema and Riverdale Commons.

      Across the city, there have been numerous deaths that occurred when someone crossed the street in a random area and was hit by a car.

      They maintain they have the right to detain anyone if they feel it is necessary but parents say this situation should have been handled differently.

      "I want an apology. I want to know the proper way they should have handled this. If there was room for opportunity what could they have done differently," said Marquette Wallace.

      "These are kids. My kids have been going to this theater for a long time and there are no signs that say do not cross. I haven't seen any signs that say cross here," said Seymour-Rodgers.

      By law, you are supposed to use a crosswalk when one is provided.

      TCA Title 15-115. "Jaywalking" regulated. No pedestrian shall cross a roadway at any place other than by a route at right angles to the curb or by the shortest route to the opposite curb, except in a crosswalk. At intersections where traffic-control signals have traffic stopped in all directions, these provisions shall not apply to pedestrians crossing within the area common to both intersecting roadways. (1982 Code, § 9-115)

      A Memphis Police Spokesperson says they are looking into the matter.
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