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The Music of Life

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  • rwr
    The Music of Life From the very beginning I found that music played a dominant role in my life; and it has continued to do so ever since; and if anything it
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 22, 2011
      The Music of Life

      From the very beginning I found that music played a
      dominant role in my life; and it has continued to do so ever since; and
      if anything it grows stronger and stronger with the passing years. Not
      in the sense of feeling a need to be a musician or to play an
      instrument or to write music, but in the sense that for me music was
      like air which I breathed or water which I drank. It was simply a part
      of life, an essential part; and without which I could never imagine a
      life. I was told that the first sentence which I ever strung together
      was, `More music please'; not that I can remember that, but I
      do not doubt it, and I can see as to why I would have said it. I would
      still say it now.

      Whilst my wife was driving us down to Cornwall ( I discovered recently
      that my driving licence had experienced over two years ago :- ) I had
      a piece of music stuck in my head. Just kept humming it the whole way.
      It was the Five Variants of Dives and Lazarus; Adagio; by Vaughan
      Williams. It is quintessential English countryside music. When we
      arrived at the cottage which had been lent to us for four days, we were
      the first two of the eight to arrive. So I lit the fire in the main
      living room and switched on the radio – and what were they playing?
      The Five Variants of Dives and Lazarus; Adagio.

      It was a lovely old house, about 500 years old, or more, but all done
      out with all the mod cons. It was huge, and with two wings, the East
      Wing and the West Wing (the old bit), and all out there on its own.
      From there we explored parts of Cornwall that I had never been to
      before, and it never fails to amaze. We were all in a pub in Padstow
      one afternoon and I went outside for a fag. Opposite was a little shop
      that I noticed sold Ordinance Survey Maps of the area. It was seven
      pounds but I had no money in my pocket. But I did have five dice. So I
      went back into the pub a told them to have just one round of Poker
      (using standard dice) at one pound each. So after I won that one round I
      then went back to the shop and got the map :- ) That evening was my
      wife's birthday party, and they sure did lay on a fantastic meal
      and a good evening for her. The great advantage of kids and their
      partners :- )

      I often feel that I must have been the luckiest git ever to walk these
      parts; and life has been like a symphony, and with all the different
      melodies of different parts of this life blending into a whole and then
      culminating into the resolution in the twilight of the days. I cannot
      give them the mystical experience of the SELF in the paradise of
      Eternity, (and the gnosis which it has) and I don't even know how
      to. But I do know that it had a lot to do with the music of life, for
      it has ALWAYS featured – even on the journey to it. So, lads and
      lassies, IF I talk a load of shit then that must be because LIFE is a
      load of shit, because I ONLY talk about life and life experience.
      Beliefs, opinions, theories, wishes, religions, faith, are NOT NEEDED.
      Just be there, look at it, and love it. That is all. It is all I ever
      did. It seemed to work just fine. And all this for NOTHING. Just for
      being there. Why, I wonder, does life offer so much and one can do so
      little? I don't know why. But what a dance it was – the
      dualistic dance of the lover of the loved, the knower of the known, the
      Observer of the Observed. But, you don't want me to tell you that
      Paradise awaits you do you. So I will not. Anyway, try some REALLY GOOD
      quality music (not pop stuff) but DON'T listen to it, just let go
      and see if you can fade into it. BECOME the music. MELT into it. That
      might help. But I cannot guarantee it.

      Just wait and see what is left when everything that is not YOU has
      gone. Then you will know your SELF and that which is NOT your SELF or
      your self. And then the cry is AAAAHHHHH; now I UNDERSTAND ! And you
      ARE a tune in the Symphony of life after all. But you DON'T want to
      hear that either do you. Never mind, and I know that I am a nuisance;
      and for that I will NEVER apologise. So expect none; for I must be some
      kind of antiquated retard. You DON'T want to be one of them do you.

      Adios Amigo's.

      Dick Richardson

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