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A Nuisance?

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  • rwr
    A Nuisance? [ Re: What Knott to Tom about ... Smith) Of course I had no knowledge of the content of the missive, but I stand by my perspective -- which I
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 22, 2011
      A Nuisance?

      [ Re: What Knott to Tom about

      > I used the comparisan of Dick to a house fly
      > as a rebuttal to his claims of being in the
      > forefront of evolution, and from a human point
      > of view both house flies and Dick are a nuisance. (from groovy man Tom

      Of course I had no knowledge of the content of the missive, but I stand
      by my
      perspective -- which I believe correctly establishes that flies fly and
      Dicks do
      not. The point above, however, is an interesting one. House flies can
      indeed be
      a nuisance, and so can a Dick. Psychologically one would have to wonder
      if the
      fly was aware of being a nuisance as that would be an interesting

      On the other hand one must almost assume that Dick is either conscious
      of the
      fact that he is a nuisance, or pretty ignorant for a mystic. As we have
      assume that his claims to mysticism are true -- as it would be difficult
      impossible to prove that to the contrary -- he knows he is a nuisance,
      continues to pursue the goal of maintaining the stigma.

      So here is a curious profile indeed: the mystic who chooses to be a
      nuisance. I
      guess I don't know enough about mysticism to comprehend why that might
      be a

      His mystical insight continually leaves me in awe, as I can almost never
      sense of it.

      Flybye Knight (from Fictive Parrot) ]

      A nuisance? Yes, I do KNOW that I am a nuisance. It took a lot of
      practice, but I was dedicated to it. Practice might not make perfect,
      but it sure improves things along the way. Oh, as I mentioned before;
      the cutting edge of human civilisation simply means TODAY. Tomorrow
      hasn't happened yet. But it will happen. Life goes on. And so much
      learning to do. But as for Transcendent Mystical insights then the
      world does not want it, for it is all a load of old cobblers isn't
      it. Ab Aeterno ad Hoc. As for understanding it then I do; so I guess
      that is all that matters; for it was me who had to live with it. No
      complaints. Live long and prosper.

      NB, for Gnostic Tom of Dharma Gnosis – Why have you invited me back
      again Gnostic Tom, you know that I am hated here. I have nothing for
      you, and nothing you need. I have nothing which anybody needs. And they
      have nothing which I need. They know what they can do with their
      religions, beliefs, opinions and gods. Stuff the lot of them. Just got
      back from a nice holiday down in Cornwall. The crabs there might walk
      sideways but they are not neurotic or brainwashed. Sad the way that
      humanity went isn't it. Never mind. I always did feel alien here.
      But it was good to see the ragged cliffs and the crashing waves again
      one more time. Man what a spectacle that place is. Sure better than
      human civilisations. But they don't like anything which is free do
      they. Life is free don't you know. Maybe that is why they don't
      like it. But never mind, I like it. Life gets my vote if no other.


      Dick Richardson.

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