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Re: [existlist] Re: Fear of a Muslim Planet

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  • tom
    Jim I certainly don t count on government to be better than the people. My observations are the opposite; and in my opinion, votes contra to public opinions
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      I certainly don't count on government to be better than the people. My observations are the opposite; and in my opinion, votes contra to public opinions are usually motivated to pleasing behind the scenes political contributers and various patrons. My view is that most Egyptians want democracy, but such voters in such a democracy will probably elect a government that is theocratic as is Iran. The overthrow of the Shaw in Iran brought in the religious leader the Ayotolah Kremeni. Interestingly during the USSR occupation of Afghanistan the CIA gave large numbers of text books to bew used in school promoting the more extremist Islamic views. In the Bush years, the Republican party was made up of economic conservatives, social conservatives, and neocons who justified invasions and occupations of the mideast as freeing the people from their forms of social conservatism. In my opinion, the aggressive presence of the US in the mideast causes many otherwise moderates to join with the extremists.

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      Yes, I am in complete agreement with your views on the US's foreign policy. It is a shame more Americans don't think as you do.

      As you say, polls are often manipulated to get the "right" results. It often depends exactly how questions are phrased.

      Also, polls don't determine Government policy. In the UK there has been a majority of the population in favour of bringing back the death penalty (i.e. hanging) for as long as I can remember. However successive Governments of both the right and the left have always opposed it, and "free" votes in Parliament have always rejected it.

      So what has been the case here for the last fifty years may also be the case in a democratic Egypt. Polls may continue to favour stoning, but responsible democratic parties will not include the policy in their manifestos.


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      > Jim
      > I am not saying to what extent these statistics of the Egyptian population reflect the protestors in the street;however,they are reflective as to the type of society that democracy would tend to create. Again, I can not guarantee that this poll might not be distorted for some purpose. I am just citing statistics that I have read. Incidentally, I am certainly an American that does not support the US presence in the mideast, or the war on terror.
      > Peace
      > Tom

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