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  • tom
    Bill You refer to the frequent effect of being gassed as stimulating, rather than reducing aggression. I believe the war on terror is in many ways similar in
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      You refer to the frequent effect of being gassed as stimulating, rather than reducing aggression. I believe the war on terror is in many ways similar in that I suspect US actions since 911 in the mideast have caused many formerly moderate Islamists to move toward the extreme as family members,and close friends were killed and maimed, and they or loved ones falsely imprisoned, tortured, had businesses and farms destroyed etc. If you were a moderate Muslim or even a mideasterner with secular inclinations, and then the US invaded and occupied your nation, you might reconsider the extremist ideas of the US as being the Great Satan that you had previously rejected. Someone shooting missiles into your village, making drone attacks,torturing you or your loved ones in prison sounds a bit like what someone might expect the Great Satan to do. Of course, like many I increasingly doubt that the powers are as dumb as they seem. Or they really wanting to maintain peace, or is the indiscriminate gassing of protestors like the mideast policy really a clever ploy to stir up shit. The history of France and later US in Vietnam, USSR in Afghanistan,or US in Afghanistan and Iraq proves to me that although 3rd world nations are easily invaded by super powers, the attempt to occupy usually proves costly in lives and money.If I have figured that out in recent years, it is hard to believe that all these military men had not figured that out. If you remenber the song "Amos Moses" about the Louisiana Sherif going after Amos in the Louisiana swamp, and it sings Well the Sheriff got wind that Amos
      Was in the swamp tracking alligator skin.
      So he snuck in the swamp, gonna get the boy,
      But he never come out again.
      Well I wonder where the Louisiana Sheriff went to?
      Well you can sure get lost in the Louisiana Bayou!

      As well as

      Well my name's John Lee Pettimore
      Same as my daddy and his daddy before
      You hardly ever saw Grandaddy down here
      He only came to town about twice a year
      He'd buy a hundred pounds of yeast and some copper line
      Everybody knew that he made moonshine
      Now the revenue man wanted Grandaddy bad
      He headed up the holler with everything he had
      It's before my time but I've been told
      He never came back from Copperhead Road

      The Uncle Remus tale of Brer Rabbit being thrown into the briarpatches has a similar message.

      It has a terrible track record, and as I say I increasingly see the establishment as pretending to be dumb like a shortchange artist.


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      > Bill
      > I haven't seen the video, and you know I am no big fan of cops;however, I think it is appropriate for cops to defend whatever person or persons that are likely to be attacked by larger numbers of people. I believe the ideal would be a replacement of law enforcement with peace officers. I think the big gripe of Jesus against the Pharasees was that they were law enforcement oriented rather than peace oriented.I think if either group becomes violent, it is legitimate for cop to restrain such violence with the minimum violence required. As I say"I haven't seen the video, but I don't see the Tea Party as all bad." The Ron Paul faction is about half, and the Palin faction is the other. Obviously, I like the Paul faction. Both want to reduce government; but the Palin faction only wants to go after entitlements, education, health and welfare, etc. ;whereas the Paul faction also wants to include defense and police state.
      > Peace
      > Tom
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      > Tom, Remember Dean Wormers speach in "Animal House" concerning the rights of spring. Vandalism, roudyism,senseless violence are the products of spring and youth. Tis the season and many politicos are using the occassiion to further their aims.
      Ramsey Clark explained to me the mechanics of riot control and it is not as most people think it is done. It is a matter of releasing pressure without an explosion. Riot gas or CS causes people to behave in ways they would ordinarily not think of. If you have been hit by Chemical Stimulant you would know what a blind rage is all about. It is used to disperse mobs whan they have gone to weapons. I think it is very near that stage in madison but as yet the cops have not forced the issue.
      Why the spring, why young people is easy to figure out but the motives of the puppet masters is more obscure. It is a Prague Spring and change is in the air stay upwind my friend and have a Dos Seckys we are too old to play. Bill advantage. It is much like the Egyptian model with nothing affirmed or rejected just more blab and bluster. This chicken fighting just prolongs the confrontation and until some end up in the emergency room or the morgue no changes can happen. Ideology will persist until it actually costs a real price to sustain it.
      > The next step is to find the tea party people when they do not have their cop screan. Bystanders were taking lots of pictures and I would guess a good deal of ident work is going on. I recall when my father in law had his house attacked by union goons. The idealogues in the tea party can be made to pay for their mischief as now this is about power not ideaology. A minority is attempting to dictate to a majority and eventually power will be served. Bill
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