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  • Rajiv Pande
    Dear all, Why not start with existential terminology? Sartre s Nothingness or Ekstasis or Bad Faith etc? Or what does existence precedes essence mean ?
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 24, 1999
      Dear all,
      Why not start with existential terminology? Sartre's "Nothingness" or "Ekstasis" or "Bad Faith" etc? Or what does "existence precedes essence mean"? And so on?
      First what are we all doing for existentialism? Are we interested in
      a) studying what existentialism is all about?
      b) Reviving existentialism because it makes real sense to do so?
      c) Or engaging in a chat among different people all over the world over a general topic and enjoying it "just because"?
      I think it's a little of everything. So how about letting down those inhibitions and getting the ball rolling?
      Rajiv Pande
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