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The ONE in Paradise

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  • rwr
    The ONE in Paradise As well as DIRECT talk about the ONE in the paradise of the Ground of BEING I have also given some really good symbolic analogies over the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2011
      The ONE in Paradise

      As well as DIRECT talk about the ONE in the paradise of the Ground of
      BEING I have also given some really good symbolic analogies over the
      years to help make it easier to grasp. But the best one was one I came
      up with when I was about thirty (that is forty three years ago). The
      analogy was the drop of rain water falling into the ocean. So try if you
      can to get your head around this, it IS easy enough.

      How does the I AM (your SELF – the OBSERVER and KNOWER) remain a
      separate unique individual aware being, with its own integrity and its
      own KNOWING (gnosis) whilst in the Ground of Being ? (the drop of
      water in the ocean). Try to remember that the Ground of Being IS A
      PLACE. So, this SELF (the ONE in Paradise) arises from the stuff which
      the place IS. But that does not mean that the SELF ever BEGINS because
      this is all way beyond TIME and changing event. It has got NOTHING to do
      with the universe. It is BEYOND all that stuff and time and change.
      However, how does this SELF remains separate from the stuff all around
      it (which it can see) the stuff which IT IS made of. The first part of
      the answer is that the SELF is ALIVE, and it is also CONSCIOUS. It
      experiences existing, it experiences the place which it is IN, and it
      also KNOWS – it has gnosis. The perennial WISDOM – the

      So, OK, how come then that it remains separate but also connected to
      that which it AINT (the place of paradise and the stuff it is made of) ?
      If a rain drop falls into the sea then the raindrop LOSES its integrity,
      it is just a part of the sea. It is NOT a raindrop IN the sea. But I AM
      is NOT the Ground of Being in which it is IN !!! Get your head around

      So, to come to the analogy. Imagine a raindrop falling into the sea
      – but when IN the sea it maintains a RING around itself. But the
      inside of the ring or circle is the same stuff which is on the outside
      of the ring or circle, the stuff it is made of is the same on the
      outside as it is on the inside – but a part of has a ring around it.
      (remember this is an analogy only). But in reality what is THAT which
      separates it of? LIFE, being COGNISANT of EXITING. TO BE AWARE AND TO
      KNOW. Hence IF it could talk and IF it could think (it CANNOT do
      either) then it would say – I AM. But the SELF cannot say I AM. But
      the self can when it KNOWS it. Hence Synetic Dialogue, and which I have
      explained before.

      But as I say, all that is kinds stuff. The real stuff to get stuck into
      is that which you are NOT and the CONNECTIONS to all things. And it is
      THIS which is the joy and wonder of life (not me) that which I AM NOT.
      I AM does not exist for ME, it exists for YOU. Do you see? Do you get
      it yet? LOVE in paradise has nowhere to go. But outside of it then IT
      DOES. TIME was made for ETERNITY ! And I AM (LIFE) is always connected
      to BOTH. I AM is fulfilled HERE on earth – by me, the self, and it
      is fulfilled by the self among the ALL – and all that which is not
      the self or the SELF.

      Ultimately, in the Consummatum Incarnate (the big one) The UNION of the
      SELF and the NOT SELF, then that which is MISSING, and not even known in
      Paradise, is FOUND HERE. THAT is the culmination of BEING. JOB DONE!

      As for the encircled SELF (like an encircled saltire cross) which
      maintains a unique individual BEING and integrity in Eternity then keep
      in mind that if there were no OTHERNESS then life would not be worth
      existing. The I AM in paradise is a kind of love explosion, but it is
      not a love of itself or existing which is in love with – it is in
      love with that which it is NOT. and in the case of the SELF then it is
      in love with Paradise (the place). And there of course that which it is
      NOT the SELF is no created thing, for it always WAS; so the I AM (the
      SELF) is ALONE there. But it sure aint lonely. So, the BIG ONE is not
      the REUNION of the self with the SELF in paradise; the BIG ONE is the
      UNION of the SELF, and the self, and everything which is neither of the
      – THE ALL. And that happens here, not in transcendence of here.

      Some coon is now going to tell me that there are mere ideas :- ) They
      aint ideas mate, they are LIFE. Know your SELF. Those who find it all
      find the same things, it is NOT relative it is UNIVERSAL to the ALL. And
      little rings bind them all so that there can be I and Thou. And I live
      for Thou. What is life to me without Thou? Nothing. Thou makes my life
      and existence complete. As it is in Parades so too does it become on
      earth. And the Spirit of LIFE dances in the Form, with Another.

      Know Thy SELF

      Local Idiot.

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