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Why is reincarnation implied?

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  • rwr
    Why is reincarnation implied? [ You mentioned that reincarnation is implied by the things which you found, can you briefly explain why it is implied? ] I have
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2011
      Why is reincarnation implied?

      [ You mentioned that reincarnation is implied by the things which you
      found, can you briefly explain why it is implied? ]

      I have done so in the books. However I will give another brief synopsis

      (1) One learns that the SELF is never terminated.

      (2) One learns that you cannot stay there in the domain of the SELF (the
      transcendent I AM me part of me). So, you are not switched off yet you
      cannot stay there. Moreover it would be ludicrous to stay there and
      there would be no point in life existing if we did. So we come out and
      go back and come out and go back. It is a recycling job like taking the
      empties back to the off-licence. You can even do it during a lifetime
      and some do. I did. Hence the second coming if done during a lifetime.

      (3) One also learns that the middle part (the subconscious or soul) is
      never terminated but it grows, evolves. So what would be the point of
      that if we did not come and go and if it did not learn from our
      experiences and deeds here. That would all be wasted too. Nothing is

      (4) One does not need to be much more than five or six years old to
      realise that you know TOO MUCH for a kid that has only existed for five
      or six years. So where has that come from? Past experience. And why
      all the psychic experiences, and some minor mystical experiences as a
      kid? It is all in the system and wired up accordingly.

      But I reiterate, I do not KNOW that we regularly incarnate. It is ONLY
      implied. You can only KNOW IT from hindsight and you do not get
      hindsight when a new self is constructed. THINK about it. Moreover I
      do not give a damn if we do or if we don't. It does not interest me. But
      living this life has interested me. If one ONLY got one go at it then I
      find that to be fine by me, and it was good. However, like it or not
      (that is irrelevant) regular incarnation IS IMPLIED. However, that does
      not mean the self, the personality here. That sure does not incarnate
      again. Once done and gone it is gone for keeps. (unless done during a
      lifetime). So, make its ONE TIME appearance a worthwhile one. Neither
      does it mean that the SELF reincarnates. That bit cannot incarnate. It
      would mean the middle bit produced another extended emanation; and more
      evolved than the last one (evolution). But looking at it in that light
      then nothing ever actually reincarnates at all, for each one is NEW. The
      first bit, the SELF, does not age or change. The third bit, the self,
      has a lifetime here and then ZAP it is gone. But the middle bit evolves
      by way of experience.

      That is how I found it to be. There is of course the possibility that
      everything we ever learn, experience, live through, and do, is pile of
      irrelevant shit and life is a game played by fools. But if you knew your
      SELF, and the middle bit then you could never entertain that notion.
      Moreover, why should everything be a lie? And if it were then what is
      lying to who and why and how? Life is not stupid.

      So, I have NEVER said that we reincarnate to some place, or maybe even
      back here a few times, what I have said is that it is IMPLIED by living
      experience. Especially the transcendent mystical experience in that
      REUNION with our SELF (the self does not exist there and cannot even go
      there). There are no personalities in paradise. I AM the perennial
      Wisdom do you see. Know your SELF and find out. And when you do then the
      self lives FROM the SELF and lives FOR IT. IF we did not reincarnate
      then all mystical and psychic experience is irrelevant crap. Fun but
      pointless. Also what that part of us, the SELF knows in that
      transcendent eternity is the gnosis. Gnosis sure aint what followers of
      gnosticim are thinking it is. It has got nothing to do with thinking and
      believe and having faith in some crack-pot bloody religion. It is
      nothing to do with religion and beliefs AT ALL, it is to do with LIFE.
      A POX on all religions and all priestcraft. And other Capitalists too.
      And that my friend is enough to put anybody off reincarnating back here
      at least. Let them whither away first. Let them go the way of Dodo. And
      the sooner the better.


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