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The Good, Fair, and Just Society

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  • rwr
    The Good, Fair, and Just Society This question is of such importance to human beings that it has always been one of the perennial questions since the year dot
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      The Good, Fair, and Just Society

      This question is of such importance to human beings that it has always
      been one of the perennial questions since the year dot of society and
      pens and ink. Many thousands of people have written about it and
      everyone has at least given it thought even if not writing about it. It
      is an unavoidable question.

      (What am I: Where do I begin: What am I doing here) + (Where am I going,
      what can I do, and how can I get there; How do I want to live). Each
      will have their own ideas and feelings as to THE GOOD and JUST Society
      as is in accordance with where they are each AT. But, no matter where
      one is AT, being AT anywhere does not prevent one from tackling those
      perennial questions. If they want to. Little boys and girls can do it,
      and they DO do it. My own views as mentioned here ONLY apply to a
      society and world where money is used for the exchange of labour. An
      Intelligent society would not need these rules; nor money as an exchange
      for labour. But we do not have an intelligent society and world here
      yet. It has not reached that stage yet here.

      A good, fair, and just society is one in which society offers every
      member of it the chance and ability for them to develop themselves to
      their best potential so that they then may offer the harvest of that
      work back to society for the benefit for all; FOR society. NOT just for
      themselves or their own benefit or reward. But, no amount of assistance,
      training, and wishful thinking, is going to turn this or that person
      into something which they are not and do not have. Equality of
      Opportunity has no bearing or influence upon what this or that persona
      is innately good at doing. But they will not know what that is until
      they have had the assistance and opportunity to find out and then
      develop it. One is never going to turn everybody it the worlds dart
      playing champion. And if they tried to then society would crumble in
      short time. And rightly so. The world and society needs every potential
      which works toward that good, fair and just society, no matter what the
      job or vocation is. Society cannot exist with those who sweep the roads
      and polish the brass and those who make the water flow out of taps. It
      is THEY whom any society is built upon and depends upon. They are the
      bedrock. If all the world were great philosophers then let us hope that
      some of them could still cook, do the washing up, and make shoes and
      build bridges. If not then society CRUMBLES.

      There are two things on this world which, above ALL other things, are
      preventing the establishment of the Good, Fair, and Just Society; and
      they are Religions and Money. Otherwise known as FEAR and GREED.

      Let each give to society that which they have to offer it. And let
      society give to them the assistance and means and opportunity of doing
      it and their fair reward of the products of society for their doing it.
      IF society, by its ways and means, alienates just one person from it
      then that society is on its way to oblivion. And rightly so. And so let
      it remain to be so. What could Society become? It could become such
      that every member of it would then say, "I am glad that I was
      there". THAT is the measure of it.

      Dick Richardson

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