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Explaining Existence

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    Explaining Existence Life, Consciousness, Existence, and Indian Ice Cream. [ http://knol.google.com/k/leon-maurer/-/3poiw2togxj6f/0#
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      Explaining Existence

      Life, Consciousness, Existence, and Indian Ice Cream.

      [ http://knol.google.com/k/leon-maurer/-/3poiw2togxj6f/0#
      <http://knol.google.com/k/leon-maurer/-/3poiw2togxj6f/0> ]

      Dear Leon Maurer, certainly a lot of qualifications and interests there.
      Well done, congratulations, and keep up the good work. I have always
      felt a great affinity toward anyone who studies anything extant in great
      detail and then broadcasts their findings. As opposed to sitting on
      their arse and doing nothing.

      EXPLAINING Existence is something which all scientists have in common
      with all religionists. Everybody wants to explain Life and Existence.
      Well, not quite everybody. The Mystics don't. They want to
      experience it and Live it. But I would hazard a guess, and which
      correlates with my own experience as a boy, that even Mystics at their
      outset here on earth had a great innate interest in Life and Existence.
      And knowing as children that they could NOT explain it and thus were
      IGNORANT, was the very catalyst which sent them on the quest of looking
      at things and asking themselves questions. Ignorance is a wonderful
      thing when seen to be what it is and the wondrous motivating effect
      which it has. It is like the Existence of things is saying, "Come
      and find me if you can"! It is like a challenge. Great stuff.
      Knowing that one does not know is the key which turns the lock in the
      door of adventure and discovery.

      However, when it comes to explaining then scientists and religionists
      sit at opposite sides of the table. Scientists EXPLAIN the BITS which
      they FIND. Religionists EXPLAIN that which they choose to believe is the
      case. Observation and Believing this or that are an Anathema to each
      other. They cannot coexist and should NOT coexist. The latter restricts
      the quest of the former. To the extent which some religionists do seek
      and look then they are biased as to what they accept about that which
      they find. For they MUST find that which fits within their box. But it
      will never work and they will ever be starved. There is ONLY one
      effective way of studying Life and Existence, and that is to do it and
      look at everything which one can get at AS IT IS FOUND TO BE. THAT is
      how the Mystics operate and that is why they become Mystics. They do
      not build their own barriers to WHAT IS there to find and to know; and
      then Live with it.

      Now, to some extent EXPLAINING things is a wonder thing. I, for
      example, could explain to all non chess players how to play chess, easy.
      However, chess is NOT about EXPLAINING it. It is about DOING IT.
      Explanation is only a step along the way for them DOING IT. This is a
      really good analogy of Life and Existence. When I was a little boy I
      was not the least bit interested in explain Life and Existence, I was
      interested in living it and learning from it. As an old man I am not the
      least bit interested in Explaining life and Existence, I am interested
      in DOING IT. Living it.

      Do you know, it is a funny thing, for where I start out as pure
      primordial conscious life manifestation in that timeless ground of BEING
      (Home – Paradesium) I could not give a fig about Explaining Life
      and Existence. While there it is enough TO BE and love that BEING with
      an explosive passion. And that never changes for it does not exist in
      the ripples and waves of spacetime. Thus, the Mystic, during a lifetime
      here, becomes the temporal living emanation of its SELF in that Timeless
      mode of everlasting BEING. And so it is. The Wind does not Blow, for
      the Blowing is the Wind; and no Water exists IN the Sea.

      One day I was asked if I would meet up with a Physicist. He was from
      India but working in Trieste, at the International Centre for
      Theoretical Physics; which he had founded and directed. But he also had
      a lovely home on the banks of the River Thames in Oxford. So, we met up
      there. A bit more conducive than my then shabby old council house on an
      estate in Bristol. However, he was far more than just a Physicist. He
      was something of a Mystic. And like me he was born in poverty and also
      born asking questions. Also like me he did not believe in anything, he
      was interested in finding what was there the find. So we chatted alone
      all day, except for the lunch break when we, and his wife and youngest
      daughter, went into Oxford for a meal. And guess what he talked about
      all through that meal, almost non stop? How they make ice cream in
      India :- ) He was interested in the process. I was interested in eating
      it :- )

      IF Life and Personalised Conscious Existence were issued forth by a
      Marmite Sandwich then I could not care less. Life and Existence IS what
      Life and Existence is. And the objective is to live it and do things.
      But I tell you what, it is NOT issued forth from any of the cesspit gods
      of mans retarded imagination nor any of the gods on Mount Olympus. And
      Life is NOT about believing things. I AM ! And I AM the first to be
      brought forth from the point of no extension or duration, in that realm
      where the first ripples of movement attract energy to them and thence
      cluster around to make individualised FORMS. From Essential Principle
      into Form by way of the waves of the music of the spheres within a
      harmonious accord of the dance of the ALL. Everlastingly coming and
      going; going and coming in time and space. But Eternal beyond Time and
      Space. I AM. I can contain Time. But Time cannot contain ME. Whatever
      Jewels you have then keep them to yourself, for the world does not want
      them. Not yet. They MUST, and can ONLY, cross bridges as they get to

      They will come to find that there is NO alienation between that which I
      AM and that which I AM NOT. And there could be no Lover without the
      Loved, or Knower without the Known. But as yet it is a few bridges too
      far. Let the implicate order continue unfolding in this TimeSpace. It is
      never started and it is never finished; for such concepts and phenomena
      apply only to time. I DON'T.

      Hence the Dictum – Know Thy SELF.

      Dick Richardson (no qualifications or bits of paper. Just a nothing of
      any account)

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