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SSM and ABC Models Leon & Leon

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    SSM and ABC Models Leon & Leon [ The SSM Model From: Leon Maurer Add to Contacts To: ljan910@yahoo.com Cc: dick.richardson@ymail.com Dear
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      SSM and ABC Models Leon & Leon

      [ The SSM Model


      Leon Maurer <leonmaurer@...>

      Add to Contacts





      Dear Leon Neihous,

      I found your answers to questions about the SSM model to be quite

      However, you might be interested in the scientific basis of
      cosmogenesis, mind and consciousness — my ABC theory — that
      seems to be the fundamental basis of this model, and which also appears
      to underlie the teachings of Dick Richardson as well as Gurdjieff,
      Ouspensky, Blavatsky etc.,

      Please review this theory at http://knol.google.com/k/how-it-all-began#
      <http://knol.google.com/k/how-it-all-began> , and also at:

      http://dzyanmaster.wordpress.com <http://dzyanmaster.wordpress.com/>
      (with questions and answers)

      Also see recently published article at:

      <http://www.jcer.com/index.php/jcj/article/view/85> (PDF)

      http://leonmaurer.tripod.com <http://leonmaurer.tripod.com/> (web

      I would appreciate your comments.


      Leon Maurer ]

      Good morning to both Leon's, and thank you for the contact and
      links. I would be happy to sit and read them during the course of the
      day or weekend. The notions of NO BEGINNING, the everlasting CYCLIC
      unfolding and emanation of bubbles or circles within circles, certainly
      directly correlates with the MYSTICAL nature of consciousness in its
      THREE levels of BEING and eventually also daily life on earth. That
      which I call Homo Ensophicus is in cognitive touch with each of them and
      eventually integrates them into a holistic reality. The Mind of Man is
      indeed an Observer of the Observed, but it is more than that. The
      Mystics however are concerned with experiencing it all and living it in
      their daily life. Only this way is TO BE thence fulfilled in BEING. It
      works. Consciousness IS NOT an Epiphenomenon of space and time. I will
      be happy to put your email on a few groups lest anyone there care to
      read the links.

      Best Wishes

      Dick Richardson

      West Somerset. UK.

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