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Gnosis and Death

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  • rwr
    Gnosis and Death [Re: [Dharma_Gnosis] The SELF and the self On 1/25/2011 10:10 AM, rwr wrote: However, there is something far more important than that – and
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      Gnosis and Death

      [Re: [Dharma_Gnosis] The SELF and the self

      On 1/25/2011 10:10 AM, rwr wrote:

      However, there is something far more important than that – and folks
      don't seem to speak or write of it, and that is the UNION on earth in
      space and time when the SELF unites with self here on earth – that
      my friend is BIG Mysticism, not merely going home to find out again what
      we are. But in the UNION here on earth it is not only a UNION of the
      self and the SELF but also of LIFE and the ALL. THAT is the big one.
      And it happens HERE.

      and that is something you can't get once you're dead

      something you have to get

      it is required before they let you pass the course

      some folks think when they die it will all make sense,
      they will be taking their harp lessons on the clouds
      for being good little crusaders
      or chillin' with 72 virgins
      for being good little suicide bombers
      but aren't they in shock
      when they just bounce back,
      no you didn't get it that time either,
      go back and try again and this time pay attention

      funny thing about "SELF and self", "UNITY and diversity"
      you can't be it all and have it all and know it all and do it all
      and get the "SELF and self" experience,
      you have to disappear in the playing of the music to be in that zone,
      it is those little moments that last for eternity
      and you can never quite capture,
      clues out of the corner of your eyes,
      but that is why we are here.

      Gnostic Tom ]

      Good morning. I wonder how many times this thread has been brought up.
      Does the best part of humanity have a fetish about death maybe? And
      there are so many people who will tell one all about it, what happens
      and what it is like :- ) But utter bullshit !

      Personally I use the word DEATH to mean that time when something which
      was alive HERE is not here any more. Meaning that there are GONE from
      here. Where have they GONE and what are they doing ? How the hell would
      I know. According to some then when you go from here then you do not
      exist any more. How do they know that? According to others they go to
      `heaven' and live happily ever after. How do they know that?
      According to others they reincarnate back here or on to some other
      world. How do they know that? Moreover, what is `THEY'? Do you
      ever get the feeling that so many folks seem to confuse believe
      something with knowing something?

      Now, just imagine this. You and some other geezer aint here and you have
      never existed on earth. And then one of these geezers starts talking
      about life on earth and what it is like. How would he know if he has
      never existed on earth; or if he has no memory of ever existing on earth
      ? But let us suppose that one of them DID know about the earth. Then
      how would they describe it and what it is like? Moreover, have two
      human beings ever lived the same life? Have you ever lived two
      identical days ? Albeit that there are many similarities. The ONLY way
      you can EVER KNOW anything is from HINDSIGHT. The rest is guessing,
      speculation, theory, hypothesis. But that AINT KNOWING. But there are
      many things which we all KNOW because we have DONE IT. So, WHAT do you
      KNOW? Be HONEST with yourself.

      Now, every human being has NOT BEEN HERE. What was it like? Where were
      you? What were you doing? WHAT were you? You could not have been a
      human being could you, because you get that HERE. No memory of any such
      thing – right? It seems to be the norm. I cannot remember a dang
      thing about before landing here. I cannot even remember anything about
      the first year of being here. I can remember from the second year. But,
      because I cannot remember anything about the first year does not mean
      that I did not exist. Memory is NOT the criteria of existing.

      In the Transcendent mode of existence (when I was twenty four) I had NO
      MEMORY. Not a jot of it. It was ALL washed away in the very last act of
      PURGATION. And which is ANNIHILATION. But I could NOT remember that
      while in the Timeless Paradesium. I could ONLY remember that when I came
      back here. Some have called that the Second Coming. Coming back to earth
      again. I simply call it coming back again. Where had the world and Time
      and Space gone? It had not gone anywhere, it was still here obviously.
      But it was my conscious awareness which had GONE from here. It was the
      part of me which KNOWS which had gone from here. Was that DEATH? It was
      certainly not NOT existing, for I was fine and having a whale of a time.
      When I eventually realised that I was no longer staying there then I had
      no idea where the heck I was going. But on arriving back here again then
      I could remember all of it, and all my past life here just as it had
      been before going. No problem. On arriving back here the difference was
      that I was aware of MORE than I was aware of before going. Had to go
      there to know that. Do I believe all that? NO WAY. I KNOW IT. From

      To be continued.


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