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    REMEMBRANCE [ Re: [The-Primordial-Quest] Corrections Right on, in my humble opinion about time. Time got invented to keep everything from happening at once.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2011

      [ Re: [The-Primordial-Quest] Corrections

      Right on, in my humble opinion about time. Time got invented to keep
      everything from happening at once. The only reason I figure I have an
      awareness of time is that I can only experience a wee bit of eternity
      at a time. Additionally, the only way I can make sense of it is to
      remember it sequentially. That's the only way my thinker can make
      any sense of it.

      Maybe one of these days, I'll be able to experience the whole of what
      is, but I haven't managed to do it yet. Sounds to me like a pretty good
      place to be though. Logically, it wouldn't even matter how long I spent
      there, as long as I could remember it ;-) old bob]

      Thinkers will NEVER find it :- ) That is because thinkers (thinking)
      CANNOT exist there in the paradesium of the timeless mode. How many
      frigging times I have told you this : - ) GET it into your head amigo
      :- ) Thinking is a temporal phenomenon, it takes time to think. NOTHING
      made in TIME can exist in Eternity, the eternal NOW – NOTHING.
      ONLY that which comes from Eternity into time can go back to Eternity.
      Get your head around it :- )

      I have told you what comes from Eternity. But I will tell you yet
      again. YOU, LIFE, Consciousness, Understanding, Love, Beauty, KNOWING.
      Knowing has got NOTHING to do with thinking. Make a note of those

      No, Time does NOT exist in order to stop everything from happing all at
      the same time. You got that out of the Beeno comic : - ) Time exists
      in order that things CAN happen. Time exits for FREEDOM, from
      Eternity. And Time exists to FULLFIL Eternity. So that it can BE, in
      Time and Form, as it is in Eternity in Essence and Principle. Who made
      it? Don't be daft, nobody made it; it is and EMANATION. An
      Unfolding of the Implicate order of BEING. It is CYCLIC and Epiphytic.

      However, be all that as it IS, REMEMBRANCE of Eternity is the thing
      isn't it.

      I AM is NOT the Remembrance of the Plaroma. I AM and its (MY) domain IS
      the bloody Plaroma. IT does not remember it – IT IS IT. It is me,
      the little self, the extension of it, which REMEMBERS IT. GET your head
      around it :- ) I am the remembrance of the Paleroma. NOT I AM.

      How long did I, the little self, exist in Eternity? Three earthy
      hours. Three hours Greenwich Mean Time, or Universal Time Coordinated
      as the frogs love to call it now. But how long does I AM exist in
      Eternity? There is no Time in Eternity only everlasting NOW. Time does
      not move there. Get your head around it :- ) Eternity is not the sum
      of all time, it is where time IS NOT. Time cannot encroach open the
      encompass of Eternity. TRY to understand it. Thus I AM never ever comes
      out of Eternity (paradise, home). It is me, the manifest extension of
      I AM which comes out of Eternity. I (little me) gets the BOOT from
      Paradise. I AM has no need of little me AT HOME. I only go there to
      REMEMBER it again and to remember ME. Cannot you not grasp it? Try and
      get your head around it. It is not hard to do. Many have done it whilst
      not knowing it. I knew a little boy who could understand it when told.
      He was not clever. You don't have to be clever.

      That was the first BIG problem which I (the little me) had to grapple
      with when coming back into Time. My question was: `How can one
      spend TIME in a place where Time does not move'? EASY! One is in
      ETERNITY! It is always NOW. There is no before and there is no after.

      I have written all this out for the benefit of others. Lest it might
      help them. But they will NOT get their head around it by only reading
      the Exegesis. They will not get their head around it by reading the
      whole book just once. And they will NEVER be THERE by reading the book
      a million times. Books do not cart you off Home to Paradise. Try to
      understand it before the journey home starts; for it WILL help along the
      way through the darkness. Tis so. I went without a torch. YOU have a
      torch. You are lucky. And when you come back here then you will know
      why one has to go there to REMEMBER. So that you can LIVE IT. TIME
      NEEDS Eternity and Eternity NEEDS TIME.

      Some clown the other day said I used to be a mystic at best or a liar
      at worst :- ) LIFE is not a mystic :- ) My gawd almighty, they talk
      through their arse don't they. For their head is empty. How do
      they get like it? That is a good question eh. Religion fucks them up
      good and proper. A POX on Priestcraft and their Religions. I will rip
      down their edifice of corruption and rebuild it again in THREE
      DIMENSION. I already have in fact. All we need now is some publicity.
      BIG publicity. Homo Ensophicus is coming. Pave the way for a better

      Oh, just for Americans – I come from Eternity, not from a Monkey :-
      ) And Monkeys come from eternity too. Ad hoc. On earth I was probably
      a teeny-weeny little bacteria a long time ago. The job has to get done
      you know. Magic is not not magic.

      GET IT OUT THERE. Pass it down the line.

      Dick Richardson

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