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The SELF and the self

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    The SELF and the self [ What do you mean by SELF? Do you mean the Soul? ] No. The Soul or subconscious mind is not a `me , not an experiencer, not an
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      The SELF and the self

      [ What do you mean by SELF? Do you mean the Soul? ]

      No. The Soul or subconscious mind is not a `me', not an
      experiencer, not an observer of the observed. It is a factory, a machine
      shop and an archive of experience encoded. It is the workhorse of
      incarnation and manifestation and extension by emanation. It is also
      our pipe line and conduit back to eternity when the SELF ( I AM ) exist
      and is found again. Transmigrating back through the Soul is the
      crossing of the River Styx and valley of the shadow of death. It is
      where your life here is being recorded.

      The self is the me here, the personality in time and space. The SELF is
      the me which exists in that timeless domain at the other side of the
      River Styx – through the Soul and out the other side. The journey
      through the Soul IS a journey, and it takes time. And you can only go
      there alone, and you can take nothing with you except consciousness and
      your memories. Nothing else. The worst part of that journey is the
      LIMBO part. Movement stops for a while there whilst you judge yourself
      and your past life. When done you move on again. Limbo is not scary,
      just a bit boring. The most scary part of the journey is the moving out
      of the soul into the SELF. So meeting your SELF initially is the most
      scary part. But no big deal. IT is done in an all consuming white
      light. The light of annihilation. When the self meets the SELF (two
      in that field) then comes ANNIHILATION, and the self has GONE. There
      only remains the SELF, and the SELF is the owner and observer of the
      paradise of the eternal mode of BEING. THAT is the SELF. It is the
      real YOU. If it could speak it would say `I AM'. But it cannot
      speak and it cannot even think. Thinking is a temporal phenomena of the
      self, NOT the SELF. The SELF just sees, KNOWS and UNDERSTANDS. But I,
      the self, can speak on its behalf. And when I do it is called Synetic
      Dialogue. All explained in the book.

      So I can know the self and the SELF. But the self cannot know the SELF
      and the SELF cannot know the self. But I can know both. That is one of
      the reasons as to why it is called MYSTERY. Or Mysticism. But the thing
      is you see it that I am BOTH, I am the self and that SELF. So, it is
      also quite simple really to understand. The self is an emanation from
      the SELF via the soul/subconscious. Many have known it. But it is quite
      a long inward dark journey. Like going back down through the stuff of
      all matter and consciousness. That IS what is happening. Some call
      that journey The Quest. It works. It reveals the SELF. All religion was
      once based on it until priestcraft stole it and made it their own, and
      offered paradise for a prize if you did what they told you. So they
      became the key holders to Eternity; HOME. That is Politics and
      corruption. So, KNOW THY SELF.

      So, when the self journeys back to from whence it (I) comes from then
      there is a RE-UNION. Some call it the Mystical Re-Union (I call it
      HOME). However, there is something far more important than that –
      and folks don't seem to speak or write of it, and that is the UNION
      on earth in space and time when the SELF unites with self here on earth
      – that my friend is BIG Mysticism, not merely going home to find out
      again what we are. But in the UNION here on earth it is not only a
      UNION of the self and the SELF but also of LIFE and the ALL. THAT is
      the big one. And it happens HERE.

      Eternity is not about eternity it is about EXISTENCE and time and
      space. Know thy SELF. It is all there to know. But those who do not ask
      questions and do not seek, then they find nothing. And why should they?
      If you don't work then you don't get. And if they are not
      interested in what they are then they are not going to seek. Who cares.
      It is their life. Also, most of them seem to prefer learning from books
      not life. You will not find you and life in a book. Even the very best
      of books is only hearsay. NOT your experience of life. Read books by
      all means, but then put them to bed and start living LIFE for real. It
      works. But neither is it necessary to read any books. The only books I
      had read prior to finding my SELF were chess books, and they did not
      help in this endeavour. But neither did they do any harm like some
      books do. And you know which ones I mean. RELIGION !

      However, not to worry, for your time here WILL END. You could prepare
      yourself for that by living it here whilst you are here. For that is
      what it is for. The only advice I would offer is DO NOT carry REMORSE
      with you into LIMBO. You will see as to why when you are there.

      In our beginning, before Time existed, there was only Light, Life,
      consciousness, knowing, and love, in Eternity. And then Time came into
      being in darkness. And the darkness knew not the light and comprehended
      it not. Spirituality is the subconscious search for our Primordial
      Root, our Beginning. It is irrelevant as to whether a person is a
      religion lover or a science lover, it is all the same quest, and the
      same search for our Primordial Root and foundation in Eternity. So,
      everybody, and every living thing, is on that spiritual quest at some
      point whether they are aware of it or not. That quest itself is
      Spirituality. Not religion and not science. They are simply a means to
      an end as folks see it. But neither are so. They are not a means to
      this end.

      The Mystics are not on that quest, because they have found it, and the
      purpose of it. So, Mystics could not rightly be said to be Spiritual,
      for they are not on that quest any longer; they are beyond spirituality
      and searching for their Root. They are on another quest now. That quest
      being that the Darkness of Time is no longer alienated from the Light of
      Eternity. And Time is found be the fulfilment of Eternity. Is this a
      message a few thousand years too soon ? It would seem to be so. Do you
      understand the message? Has it no hope of flowering in this time?

      (X) The Circled Saltire Cross . Time and Eternity Encapsulated in the
      all that we are.

      Know your SELF (and your self) for it is so; and proved by finding it.
      Always demand proof. Do not accept hearsay. What you have just read
      here is hearsay to you. But when you find it then that will be the
      proof. It is there, and so are YOU. Good hunting on your question for
      the SELF.

      Dick Richardson

      http://www.psychognosis.net/ <http://www.psychognosis.net/>


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