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The Difference Between Mystic & Psychic

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  • dick.richardson@rocketmail.com
    The Difference Between Mystic & Psychic [ Hello Merlin & Group, Just a quick question evident by the title of this post. Also, a few apologies that I am
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2011
      The Difference Between Mystic & Psychic

      [ Hello Merlin & Group,

      Just a quick question evident by the title of this post. Also, a few
      apologies that I am not able to respond to your posts as often as I
      would like – you are always gracious in responding to mine, and
      I'm sure they wear on you. =) (so maybe it's a good thing I
      don't respond too much. LOL)

      Back to the question. In your posts, you strongly assert that there is
      a huge difference between "psychic" and "mystic".
      Often, these terms are used almost interchangeably and with the same
      implied meaning. When one looks up the definitions (posted below), it
      seems the line is still blurred. Both imply an ability to perceive
      information beyond the normal senses and understanding.

      Would you be so kind as to explain the difference from your point of
      view? Sorry if this seems like an ignorant question.


      Tracey ]

      Howdy Ma'am

      No, it is not a stupid question at all, it is an intelligent question,
      not many have asked it. And no, I never get fed up trying to address
      serious questions on these issues. When I was doing teaching jobs I was
      being asked the same questions every day anyway :- )

      How does one know that they are two different categories of anomalous
      experience? From HINDSIGHT. And also assisted by reading thousands of
      documented accounts for near on forty years now. Also keep in mind that
      we are made of three different parts, levels, so why should it seem
      strange that there are three different types of experiential data? The
      common category is normal daily experience, so let us leave that one
      out and continue with the other two kinds, Psychic and Mystic

      First, YES, they are both anomalous experience, insights, (they do not
      fit in with the accepted rage of `genuine' human experience, so
      if you have either kind then you are nuts or at least on the verge of
      going mad. So they say. I have found psychics (real ones) to be among
      the most intelligent and pleasant people I have ever met (you don't
      meet many mystics, but I have met hundreds of psychics). One I really
      liked a lot was the brother-in-law of Yehudi Menuhin the well known
      Violinst. But I have known many and liked most of them. There were
      just a couple I did not like, but that was just mere personality
      clashes. Within psychic stuff there are also two kinds of actual
      phenomenon, there is straight forward psychic experiences (millions of
      them documented) and then, far less common, there is a psychic ability,
      in one field or another. The guy that worked with me for a while on the
      Double Vortex Theory of Emanation was an advanced Psychic. But all his
      life he had really been chasing The Transcendent Mystical Experience.
      That is why he contacted me many years ago. In non internet terms then
      I have only ever met three live mystics face to face. One a top well
      known Physicist; one a young housewife, and one was a Pilot, and free
      fall sky diver. I may have met others, passed them on the street,
      without it becoming known to me.

      However, types of psychic experiences are far too numerous to mention
      here, and anyone can read many books on it all; and many thousands of
      well documented personal accounts. There are also degrees of a psychic
      experience, from small fleeting ones to big profound ones. Ask any of
      them and they will tell you the same. I don't know how many
      psychic experiences I have had over the years (I have no psychic
      ability by the way, not that I know of, and I don't want one; and I
      also find it rather boring personally) perhaps about twenty big ones.
      Neither do I recall as to how many mystical experiences I have had. Far
      less than twenty however. For they were done in a gradual build up
      process from about the age of two or three up to twenty four, then came
      one of the first really big ones, and then many psychic experiences and
      then twenty years late another big mystical experience. Then it tailed
      off with a few minor mystical experiences again, but they were like
      swan song. The big active years were between twenty and fifty.
      Don't get around much any more : - ) I am glad to say :- ) But of
      all the three different kinds of experiences my favourite is normal
      daily experience. All explained in the book.

      What was my favourite anomalous experience ever? It was a psychic
      experience. It was the music made of light experience (documented in
      the book). However, one has to say that on occasions the categorisation
      is not so easy. For one can plainly have a psychic experience with
      Mystical undercurrents or overtones. And that Music made of light
      experience was one of them. So too was the evolving flower experience.
      But by and large it is easy to tell the difference.

      So, what IS the difference then? Psychic experiences are generated in
      the Subconscious Mind (or soul if you want to call it that) and they
      are about THINGS and STUFF. And they are always temporal experiences
      – they take time, they USE time. Albeit not always Greenwich Mean
      Time. But MIND time. Mystical experiences however are about ESSENCES,
      NOT things. One could also say Principles and Quality. Eternal stuff
      form the Essence of the Root of our being. Such as the Paradise event.
      It does not use time and it is not about THINGS and stuff. It is about
      the Essence and Principle of BEING – LIFE. There is NO comparison
      with a psychic experience AT ALL. They are nothing alike.

      However, by far the most profound experience I have ever had was one of
      the last ones – the Consummatum Incarnate; or the Reciprocal
      Convergence here on earth. This combined Normal daily Experience,
      Psychic Experience, and Mystical experience. That is why it is so hard
      to write about, for there is nothing else like it. But all three parts
      came together at the same time; and it RESOLVED and made sense of ALL
      other experience. It was THE BIG ONE. And it took place in a field
      just South of Bristol overlooking the Chew Valley Lake and Blagdon
      Lakes, and it lasted for just an hour or more. My wife was in the field
      with me, but she knew nothing about it, and still doesn't. She is
      not interested in this kind of stuff. But that is fine, so I never
      mention such things to her. I think it all scares her a wee bit. And I
      aint into scaring people.

      But no, these things have not ended for me, for the effect of them all
      is still being used and a part of the ongoing BECOMING process. But,
      in simple terms, and to keep things simple, one can think of the two
      types (Psychic and Mystic) as one being about things and stuff and the
      other being about Essence and Principle. As of yet there is NO field
      of Psychology which measures up to all this. Not yet. But there would be
      if I had my way – Integrative Psychology. But politics is still my
      big thing. And the abolition of Priestcraft, Money and Capitalism are
      top of the list. I will never give up. This is why I have never given
      up :- ) But I would like to do the novel, just for fun. And a wee but
      more than just fun.

      I hope this has helped in some way.

      Dick Richardson

      http://www.psychognosis.net/ <http://www.psychognosis.net/>


      You will also find some of this stuff on many websites now, for folks
      have been helping where they can. And which I much appreciate. We have
      to move on.

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