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    Re: In Our Beginning [ Re: [Psychognosis_Archive] In Our Beginning greetings. nice piece you have written there. PC93] Howdy. Yeah, pity about the few
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      Re: In Our Beginning

      [ Re: [Psychognosis_Archive] In Our Beginning

      greetings. nice piece you have written there. PC93]

      Howdy. Yeah, pity about the few typo's, but I do tend to rush, you
      never know one might drop dead all of a sudden so you have to get
      things done in time : - ) And if one is still alive the next day one
      can smarten it up a bit.

      Don't know what made me do it really, just playing their own game I
      guess :- ) And so short a piece too eh. But it fits the bill, and just
      as it is experienced. Don't you know, it is an odd thing, but even
      in this day and age so many folks do not seem to know what KNOW means.
      Tis unbelievable innit. They seem to think that reading something
      constitutes KNOWING something. They don't seem to know the
      difference between life experience and hearsay. Man it has a long way
      to go here.

      So how the hell could any living critter KNOW anything about before it
      existed ! Impossible ! `In the beginning godo said, blaa blaa
      bloody blaa, and a moo moo here and a moo moo there', and then HE
      (he mind you) made Man : - )))) What fucking idiot wrote that? Better
      still what bigger idiots are going to fall for it?

      So, if one is going to write about all the metaphysical (mystical)
      aspects of life and Man (due to metaphysical insights) then you MUST
      begin with `In OUR Beginning'. You cannot KNOW anything before
      that. So, THAT is EXACTLY how I found it to be. So have others. But
      according to religionists and priestcraft human experience counts for
      nothing – and yet originally their stuff was based upon it :- )
      Man, it is inconceivable as to how thick and stupid they can get. But
      they do. Look around you.

      So, my beginning then was from a lump of space time earth; and this fat
      gormless fucker up in the sky breathed into it and woke me up :- ) And
      I must have yelled give me a woman and a beer or I am going on strike
      :- ) But of course the woman was born evil, nasty piece of work, and
      she used to natter with snakes, and that was my downfall when I eat and
      fucking apple : - ) Really? And they read this tripe. Harry Potter is
      infinitely better than that, and I wouldn't read that either :- )
      Symbolic you say? Huh, no, it is not even that; it is a LIE and a con
      trick. But why even write symbolic books? Whey not just tell it as it
      is found to be? I did. I began my existence in the paradesium of
      Eternity, and I remember it well, and I can describe it all. Who needs
      symbolism – to hell with it.

      However, if you are not a religionist then you must be a materialist,
      and if you aint a materialist then you must be a religionist ! That
      is how they think on this planet. I bet dung beetles can think better
      that that. Guess that have been around longer : - )

      So, old mate, I don't fit into religion, I don't fit into
      materialism, I don't fit into existing psychology and I don't
      fit into new ageism and I don't fit in with modern day philosophy;
      and I don't fit into this world at this time. Although Plato was
      on the same lines, but he did beat about the bush a lot. And they
      killed his teacher didn't they :- ) So I guess Plato did not want
      to get topped and deaded too :- ) So, the only fucking place I have
      ever fitted into was PARADISE; HOME :- ) Who would be a mystic eh :- )
      I don't care, FUCK THEM ! And all one ever tried to do was to HELP,
      and they yell kill the bastard. Huh ! Funny thing is that the more that
      they moan and fight then the more I fight back :- ) I always did like a
      good scrap :- ) But you know, it is like one is taking the whole bloody
      world on alone. Fun innit. All I ever wanted was a peaceful life :- )
      wow ! Huh, if my mum could see me now, she would have laughed, and she
      would have said go and sort them out son.

      Dick Richardson

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