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The Passion that burns within the Mystic

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  • dick.richardson@rocketmail.com
    The Passion that burns within the Mystic Do you have any idea as to what that passion is like which burns within the Mystic? No you wouldn t would you. Do
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2011
      The Passion that burns within the Mystic

      Do you have any idea as to what that passion is like which burns within
      the Mystic? No you wouldn't would you. Do you know where they got
      that Passion from? No, you wouldn't would you. I can tell you. But
      you aint listening are you :- ) You have had ten years to listen, and
      you aint listened yet. Too late now.

      And they ask me as to where the hell I get all the energy from. I get it
      from that Passion. But I will try to tell you what that passion is
      like; even though you aint listening and don't want to know. It is
      like a torrential river in full flood that never ceases or runs dry. It
      is like breathing fresh air that is not polluted. It is like a flame
      that can never be put out. It is like being in love raised to the power
      of infinity. It is like the greatest song or piece of music that could
      never be written. And it is like that every moment of every day. Do
      you fancy living here with that? Could you? It is not easy. Do you
      know what exists before Time moves? I will tell you. You do;
      consciousness does, understanding does, and PASSION does. AND HOW. It is
      yours to find, for it is YOU. It is the stuff you are made of. How come?
      I don't know how come, I only know that it IS SO. And it is there
      for you to find again. Isn't it ironic that the last thing they
      ever find is their SELF ! Find it as a child and you will live with it
      all your life here.

      This, among other things, is what you bring back from Eternity with you.
      Do you fancy that? Would you go there to get it? Alone? This is not
      obtained from something other. It is not bestowed upon one. It is WHAT
      YOU ARE. But of all the things that you DON'T want to know then
      your SELF is the thing which you will hide from until the end of time.
      Isn't it. You are afraid of your SELF.

      You want a better world to live on, and rightly so, for this one has
      been poxed up by religion and corporate capitalism. But what do you do
      about it? Fuck all ! You just moan and moan and moan and you do FUCK
      ALL ! Men??? ! Pphht:>! Remember that one Pphht:>! I invented it
      for you. There are a few that care, and they try to do something. And
      one comes to find them. But they number few – as yet. Why don't
      you join their numbers and toughen up. It takes guts doesn't it.
      And the only half way good Mystic is dead one. For they cannot argue
      with you. But the living ones can. Pity that there aren't many of
      them as yet. But there will be.

      Some so called Mystic (a mythological one not a real one) once said
      `They know not what they do'. WRONG. They know what they doing
      alright, and they are good at it. But they will not win in the long
      run; for they have not got what it takes, and they will not have the
      staying power. Watch out for them; the Mystics are coming. They will be
      called Homo Ensophicus. By any other name. Imagine an army with that
      Passion. They will not be put down. And they sure will rock the boat.
      There is a prediction for you. Think on it. Or does even thinking about
      it scare you? You have no idea what Passion is do you, nor the energy
      contained therein. Pphht:>! WAKE UP !

      Dick Richardson


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