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Religion and the Mystic

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    Religion and the Mystic http://www.pantheism.net/atheism.htm?gclid=CI_jiqGxnKYCFc0f4QodeD-oYg
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2011
      Religion and the Mystic


      I would like a bottle of Whisky for every time I have addressed this
      question, both in the books and the poems and thousands of articles and
      emails. So why bother to do it again and continue to yell into the dark
      alone. Trying to make some kind of substitute for a religion out of
      humanism, existentialism, atheism, pantheism, and all the other isms
      will never work. But they never listen do they.

      Were it not for the mystics then religions would never have existed.
      Yet every religion that ever there was has denounced mystics, and they
      used to kill them faster than you say holy Mary mother of peace –
      not that that means anything. How bloody blind they all are !!! If
      there ever came the day that you scientists, humanist, atheists,
      existentialists wanted to know something about THE MORE that we are,
      then DON'T look to science and DON'T look to religions. Look to
      the mystics, but better still look into your self. Or are you to bloody
      blind to realise that there is one.

      Put me up on a live hook up with any of these men, or all of them at
      the same time, whilst I am still here. No matter how big their name is
      and how many stupid bloody books they have sold. BRING THEM ON. I think
      they fear mixing it with mystics. Bring them on. All of them. I will not
      give you religion; I will give you everlasting LIFE. I will give you
      YOU. You don't find many living mystic so why not take advantage
      of it. Religionist or materialist - Do you have the guts? NO ! You
      avoid them like the plague. Come, hack me down; COWARDS ! What a
      bloody shower. Sheesh !!!!

      Dick Richardson, Living Mystic. But not for much longer now.

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