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Re: Mother Chomsky

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  • dick.richardson@rocketmail.com
    Of all the places I have ever been, and all the people whom I have ever known, and all the groups I have been on, then I have never met such a `happy lot as
    Message 1 of 6 , Jan 2, 2011
      Of all the places I have ever been, and all the people whom I have ever
      known, and all the groups I have been on, then I have never met such a
      `happy' lot as you folks on this group. You all remind of
      SCROOGE before that transformation during a near death experience. You
      think that you are REALISTS, but you are not, and you are far from it.
      But none the less I wish you well and a merry new year. Yes there is
      much that goes on here that is not nice. But did you cause it? If not
      then keep smiling through. You do not have to carry the burden and
      remorse of others. Rise above it. But as nobody here reads the emails
      which I send, then let it blow on the wind.


      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Bryan Junius" <bryan.junius@...>
      > Since our economic downturn (depression) has hit us with a few jabs
      and a good left hook, I have consistently gone back to my memoirs and
      material to re-evaluate my observations of the grandeur life we live in;
      now - me being somewhat of a stranger in my own world, i have to be so
      objective to myself in order to ascertain the old credo that which
      existentialism is founded on "the fear and anxiety" we must all face
      with ourselves, or that hell is other people around us, i must conjure
      new thoughts as to why do I feel alone, why is there such a congnitive
      dissonance between our own species, why the complete randomness, the
      veil of self-deception before us like an ant-hill being stomped on and
      each and every time we are forced to rebuild, like drones in disgrace,
      the rationalization of people that believe we are a race that has to be
      saved, no and if's or buts about it, and therefore we must rejoice in
      the shallow halls of Christianity where that one true God will dispel
      all our weariness and take us to his kingdom in Heaven to drink of the
      sacraments in his forgiveness; If that is forgiveness Oh, My lord, then
      let there be a thousand more wars of passion and onslaught in your name
      and honor!! I prefer the truth that Christianity is the worst type of
      Communism ever to exist in Man's righteous vocabulary! For he is sworn
      to defend you no matter what and that our minds, and our so called free
      will are really just the veils and that lying is much easier to
      ourselves and to others that it is common place, and that language in
      itself, the most curious of all things in evolution, that is still yet
      to be understood can not elucidate the simplest truth!! Therefore why
      all the swords in the tongue!!?? If we speak of any intellect, it is
      only that man can see not his demise but only the anthill he lives in,
      if just there in metaphor, a bleak concoction of property about to be
      taken up by the very reins of mercantilism, the slanderous capitalist
      menagerie; as all property can be bought and sold for a price, i gesture
      that at this time as well seeing so much happening as i glance on the
      colored tube from time to time, that the infestation of gold bugs are
      back ready to eat away at the very peasants soul and rob him or her of
      their very own belongings in order to restrengthen the economic dervish
      that brought so close to living in bread lines and straggling to soup
      kitchens for a pauper's meal. Capitalism you say! Communism the other
      extreme i detest as it is the other horn of that foul mouthed Jack; in
      order to truly understand where our society is heading is quite easy
      because if you understand what makes Capitalism strongs than you can
      understand how just as well to destroy it; which is already happening by
      the fold! faith in the institution, the freedom of the press, the idea
      that every man woman and child will be free of harm in harms way when
      all of societies values and equalities of those who take complete
      deliberation and participation in a government founded by the people and
      for the people; without such voice, and an anti-disestablishement would
      lead to dis-enfranchise with those who are pushed to low wages with high
      labor, and long hours; why not give the working man what he wants? Why
      not give him an equal share of having what he is worth? And if not more,
      give them the reason to be hopeful in their government and not shun them
      away like Republican batarangs who simply eviscerate their own mores in
      private meeting rooms, who find ways to may rich men richer, to make
      Adam Smith's true Laissez Faire become a hopeful reality - by all means
      - let's just do that - and maybe we should go back to Britain where we
      came from and swear in the glory of God Save our Queen Forever (hodge
      posh, boulder dash) I am tired of listening to idiots, and idiots who
      think they know about the freedoms the swim in but at the same are are
      happy to cut the branch they sit on as well; they know nothing of
      Socialism, a modern day so well worn by it's -ISM it has almost become
      an anti-tea partyist cry that our very lives will be forevered locked in
      Hell giving thanks to the Devil himself which they cry Barack Obama;
      Such shallow thinking, when they dont even realize the wonders of New
      Lanark or that great ideas and thinkers were interested in the
      investment of man and not his pocket change!! Social Security, Law
      Enforcement, taxation, fire departments, 8 hour work days, trade unions,
      regulation of mercantilism trade were to say, just but a few of the many
      ways that Socialism has given to our society - this is not to say -
      Socialism is the best there is to achieve, but any one true nature will
      have it traps, so therefore, great minds must come up with common
      grounds to reign in any one extreme to the other; this we agree on. With
      continuing downturn of our Economic crises as well as our sinking
      education (57th place,btw, right underneath Vietnam) is where we stand
      in common reading and arithmetic; (37th place in our great healtcare)as
      such and this downturn only tends to get worse as non regulated BB is
      about to smack it to the already poor starving, low wage working
      individual possibly in the midst of early foreclosure and start to
      degrade our very own water suppy with over four hundred chemicals of
      Fracking material, to poison the very water supply we drink from just so
      we wil stay in competition for that number one spot in Globalization;
      god forbid the Communists reap our profits and once again uprise in
      imperialistic fashion like the Japanese did back in WWII; i could
      probably go on and on, but i will stop here and start packing my
      reserves now before the big bomb goes off; have a pleasant one.
      > Bryan Evan Junius
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      > > --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Mary" <josephson45r@> wrote:
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      > > > As mentioned in previous posts, my late foster father was a labor
      organizer, an official for the amalgamated meat cutters and butchers.
      When I was in high school, during a local strike, his son shot a rifle
      into a transformer which supplied power to the slaughterhouse. I
      overheard the conversation between the son and his parents and was quite
      frightened and sad. Sad because he was a young father with two small
      children and was in much trouble, and frightened, because I was naive
      enough not to understand the violence that was often part of labor
      strife. Soon after that, the father was promoted and relocated to
      Dubuque. Later, as the wife of a shop steward, I became privy to many of
      the struggles between labor and management and witnessed how a foundry
      which built equipment for the military treated its workers and watched
      police who also belonged to unions, break up picket lines. What is it
      about the proclivity of organized humans to become so extreme? I think
      cooperativism is a decent compromise, wherein workers have a large stake
      in productivity, quality, and profit, where worker safety and the
      environment are valued.
      > > >
      > > > Mary
      > > >Mary, I was too young to join the union when I was in Dubuque. That
      wild, old river town made me do what was needed just because.Back then I
      volunteered,To get sandbags from a submerged warehouse we rowed into
      submerged buildings and loaded bales of burlap into a row boat. Turn
      over you die, good fun and we were sober. We saved Capones favorite
      town, but how do you save a trashsy river dump? Especially for a
      syphlytic , criminal zealot. Why is a hellion like Al remembered and
      worshiped?Knowing history can make you renounce the official version in
      difference to a personally examined version. After all the philosophy I
      have read I still trust what I have seen, smelled and fought against.
      Empiricism is hard to defeat unless it has all just been in your mind.
      > > > --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "William" <v.valleywestdental@>
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      > > > > In my salad days I had my subscription to Mother Jones and hated
      capitalism . I deplored the system but that was acceptable as long as
      you were making lots of money and were known as a big producer. One
      thing about capitalism is you can say damn near anything as long as you
      put the skins on the wall. [I. E. Ted Turner, Hugh Hefner et al]. I
      could revel in my radical chique but then I had all the money I had time
      to spend and never really understood I was a darling of capitalism. As
      long as you turned it out you could mouth any nonsequetor with no
      consequences.I was drinking with liberal lawyers who were hell bent on
      getting rich.They liked my radical posturing especially if I was
      buying.Then I got in with the military and found some right wing wac
      jobs who saw the system in a most different light. As Mary observed it
      was "All about Property" and tearing up real estate was as important as
      owning it. Theory be damned we talked about balance of power and
      "Kills". I cancelled Mother Jones and subscribed to "Guns and ammo". The
      lawyers became scarce as they had no kills to talk about so I quit
      buying. Then I got in with the labor guys and they appreciated
      production and liked weapons. They called each other brother and had a
      left wing attitude that defied the owners and had a violent proclivity
      that was not military. I relate these matters because I have been all
      around the Rubics cube of economic/political theory. In the real world I
      find no way around capitalism, I do not like it but all that production
      is necessary if the lights are to remain on and the trains running on
      time. It is a winner/loser reality that you escape from when you get
      rich enough or die.Never fool yourself,the capitalists are smart and
      mean and they will fight to the death to protect what they have earned.
      I fear they cannot be replaced, who would brew the beer? Bill
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