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What is the Mystics view on having fun?

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    What is the Mystics view on having fun? [ What is the mystics view on having fun and enjoying oneself? ] ... you can find them. I have not found many. LIFE
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      What is the Mystics view on having fun?

      [ What is the mystics view on having fun and enjoying oneself? ]

      :- ) I can only speak for this one, so you will have to ask others. If
      you can find them. I have not found many. LIFE is all I know. And I
      only know this one. I have no experience of ever living any other life
      except this one. And that is enough for me. The implications are
      otherwise however. But I am not interested in implications, I am only
      interested in what I am LIVING. And if you had a million lifetimes then
      you could only live one at time, so LIVE THIS ONE NOW. To the fullness
      of your being. That is what it is for.

      As for having fun, wow, yeah. How many days are there in seventy two
      years? Best part of a tidy few. On how many of those days did I not
      have fun? It is hard to think of one. There must have been a few, but
      I cannot even recall them. The thing is that there are so many ways of
      having fun, and so many things which give one fun and enjoyment. Fun,
      for some, is getting another train number, or getting another postage
      stamp which they have not got. Or climbing a mounting, or singing a
      song. The list is endless. And good luck to them all; and they hurt
      nobody. In all truth I find it impossible to say what constitutes fun
      for me, for there is just so much of it, so many things. Waking up is
      good start :- )

      I found that some things which were once fun are no longer fun now. And
      some things which were not once fun are fun now. And some things which
      were once fun are still fun. There is not one thing, there are hundreds
      of them; even now that I am an old fart. I could not even begin to list
      them. Where the deuce would one start. I love listening to the rain on a
      tin roof, that is fun for me. Thunder. Listening to the songs of birds.
      Sunrise, sunsets, hot balmy summer days, cold frosty foggy days, hell I
      love them all, it is ALL fun for me to be there and experiencing it. I
      could never get fed up or bored with it all. Being a kid and all the
      new adventures was fun. Getting miles deep into a chess game was fun.
      Playing Poker was fun. Driving around the country was fun. Visiting
      all the pubs was fun. Courting and being in love was fun. Being in the
      army was fun. Raising children was fun. Being old and doing things in a
      more relaxed way is fun. It is and was all bloody fun.

      If I were not a fun addict then why would I advocate to people to grab
      the day? It will never ever come back again. Use it whilst it is there.
      BE IT. Squeeze out every drop of essence from it. Learn from it.
      Learning is fun. Remembering is fun. Thinking about things is fun.
      Stopping from thinking about things is fun. Adventures are fun.
      Playing silly games is fun. A Whisky and a cigar is fun. Looking at
      cobwebs in the frost is fun. Some good movies and books are fun.
      Sharing stories around the hearth is fun. My gawd almighty, what
      isn't fun? There are a few thing which are not fun – A
      toothache, but a dentist can fix it. Pain. But much of that can be
      fixed by doctors. Being hungry is not fun, but somebody can give you
      food when in need. Loosing a good friend or lover is not fun. But time
      is a good healer. So, most of life is fun.

      If some do not find it to be so then they must look to themselves.
      Perhaps they are greedy and want more. But if that be the case then it
      is due to there missing what is there already. How much does it cost
      to have fun? Nothing. You cannot buy fun, it isn't for sale. Same
      as Love. Same as happiness. Same as LIFE.

      To say that LIFE is the experience is ridiculous, for there is no
      other. Life is knowing, and knowing is LIFE.

      For the sake of yourself and your friends, and your deity if you have
      one, then have fun. And make some fun for others in your passing this
      way. It is not hard. Paradise will offer you no fun and no ability to
      have fun there. But, it contains the essence of it all. But you can only
      do it here. Why else get booted out of paradise? I KNOW what I am
      talking about. But they don't listen to the old and well
      experienced do they :- ) Each must learn for themselves. The hard way or
      the easy way. The easy way is to quit worrying and go with the flow.
      And have fun while you are doing it. Truly. If I had been a pop singer
      or a footballer then they would have listened :- ) But I am a nobody
      from the slums, so nobody listens :- ) So be it. But they will learn.
      Ultimately it is not an option.

      Have fun whilst learning about YOU and about LIFE. Grab the day and eat
      it all, and digest it well. Then you will know what is important in
      LIFE. If you want or need to believe something, then believe that; for
      it IS SO. WHAT IS important in life? Everything. You, me, and a meadow
      to walk and frolic in. The little things are the big things. Tis so. I
      had to ask myself once when the world was not there as to what was
      important in life. And in the dark Limbo were there was nothing made
      except me I discovered what was important. Thus I knew the worth of the
      world only when it was not there. FACT. That is why I called the poem
      about that The Love of Hell. It is so and was so.

      Yes, this mystic is great lover of fun. You will have to ask the others
      for their answer.


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