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    Murder http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-12103905 Of all the crimes most foul then the most foul of all must be murder. To
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2011


      Of all the crimes most foul then the most foul of all must be murder. To
      deprive somebody of their life here; and to deprive a family of their
      child, a lover of their loved one, and a friend and companion of their
      friends. How the hell can somebody ever kill somebody? !!! Almost all
      other things can be undone, mended, put right. But a life taken can
      never be put right and undone. Yet there are so many murders every day.
      What kind of a world is this?

      Fortunately for me nobody in the family or even known by me has ever
      been murdered. I don't even know how I would react to it. But if it
      were one of my babies then I would want to tear the perpetrator apart
      limb from limb, with my bare hands. But would I ? I doubt it. The law
      must take its course. But if the law did not pan out right, and I knew
      for sure who had done it, then, well, that makes one wonder. What would
      one do ? Killing them does not undo what was done. Better that they
      live and suffer for their actions.

      But what about war? Well, that is murder to, and every dead body was
      somebody's baby and somebody's lover. The ONLY justification for
      fighting and killing is if one is being attacked. Then you have to. The
      alternative is to succumb to their dictates and ways – NEVER !
      Better to fight and die. Other than fighting in defence of an attack
      then people are so stupid to fight. They should refuse to fight, all the
      lot of them. What about running away and thus being able to fight again
      another day? If there is no possibility of winning that fight then so
      be it, providing the fight is taken up another day.

      What if the whole world were invaded by hostile Aliens (that aint going
      to happen, so just an hypothesis for sake of argument) We could never
      win that fight. For if they had the ability to get here then they would
      be way more advanced than we are, so it would be like giants treading
      on ants – no real battle. The only interesting thing about it would
      be that for the first time all humanity would be fighting on the same
      side and for the same thing – FREEDOM ! Why don't they fight for it
      now ? Because they are scared.

      What should one do with a murderer when they are caught? Bang them up
      for the rest of their life here, and make it hard labour – not a
      holiday camp. They have knowingly perpetrated the cardinal crime against
      life. Accidental killing is something else. Human beings like any other
      critter have no rights other than what we decide are rights; and the
      right to live here is the first one on the list. Even if they are
      scum-bags and low tide. Life teaches.

      And what of this fine young lady where I used to live? GONE. The police
      do a fantastic job and they need all the help and cooperation they can
      get. Killing is not just a community crime, it is a crime against life
      and humanity. There can be few things more degrading of humanity. YOU
      are humanity. DON'T be degraded. As Spartacus said – `I am not an
      animal' ! Good for you lad. There was a man I would have fought with.
      Even knowing that one was going to lose that battle. Probably the only
      man I have ever truly admired. He wasn't a mystic. He was a freedom
      fighter. Politics is the highest form of spirituality. But you would
      never guess by watching these dead morons in action. Gimmy gimmy gimmy.
      Yea, I would give it to them all right, the cold steel right up them.
      NEVER let yourself become a SLAVE. Cowards die a thousand times every
      day. The others only die once.

      Merlin of Exmoor

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