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Hints and tips on Whisky

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    Hints and tips on Whisky [ Re: [serenityandtolerance] But a cigar is also a smoke Speaking of single malts,... what is everyone s favorite single malts ?
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2011
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      Hints and tips on Whisky

      [ Re: [serenityandtolerance] But a cigar is also a smoke

      Speaking of single malts,... what is everyone's favorite single malts ?
      Recommendations ?

      I once received a couple bottles of the Blair Athol brought back, which
      to me is very enjoyable to sip straight and unlike any other Scotch
      I've tried. But for some reason it doesn't seem possible to get more
      in Texas... :(

      The others all seem to take a dash of water or a couple ice cubes,
      which is fine, I am not complaining. It is just a notable difference
      with that one. It is thick and sweet, Blair Athol. Dunno if "real
      men" drink that stuff, but I'd do regardless. I think they mostly use
      this one for blending into one or more blends. Johnny Blue I think
      I've heard, for one.

      I've got the Glenlivet, McCallan, etc., 18+ I keep looking for more
      new and exciting ones without buying a whole bottle. I don't usually
      go out drinking and the bottles last about a year... So I don't get
      around to sampling. ]

      Oh man, this is a fun one innit. First and foremost there are many fine
      websites on Whisky. Check some of them out. Have a couple of days off
      for a bit of fun and study. The BEST Whisky is the one you like best.

      Here are some tips :- ) DON'T drink too much of it. NEVER buy it
      for it is too expensive; so get others to buy it for you. TRY THEM
      ALL. DON'T buy the cheap splosh, get only the good real stuff.
      That is all the tips I have.

      In seventy years I guess I must have brought about six bottles of
      Whisky, and they were all cheap splosh. I NEVER drink Whisky in a pub,
      but only ever at home. Or somebody else's home if it is offered
      :- ) But over the last thirty or so years (especially when the kids were
      grown up) I always get some bottles of Whisky for my Birthday and at
      Yuletide. And that is it. So I don't get much :- )

      My own favourite (although I like them ALL ) is a fifteen year old
      Glenfiddich. I still have half a bottle left :- ) But the best was one
      year when one of the kids brought me a box of miniatures. I forget now
      as to how many different ones there were, but there was quite a few.
      When I opened the first one I said this is the best Whiskey ever. Then
      I said the same about the next one, and then the next, and the next :-

      So, a good tip is to get somebody (Sir Santa) to buy you a selection
      box of miniatures and try them all. Oh yes, another tip – NEVER put
      anything in with it; no ice, no water, nothing. DRINK IT AS IT IS.
      Anything else kills it.

      Ultimately a Whisky is all about what kind of rocks the rain water has
      seeped through. With Whisky you are drinking diluted ROCKS. Hence the
      hard stuff. It is said (I don't know how true it is) that the small
      Island of Britain has more different kinds of rocks than any place
      else. Hence all the different tastes. But there is more to it than just
      that of course, there is each brewers secret recipes :- ) I don't
      know how many different kinds of Whiskey there are, it is much like
      Real Ales, there are so many. So try as many of them as you can, and
      see which one is best for you. Fortunately for me Alcohol (of any kind)
      has little effect. The only reason I drink any of it is for the TASTE.
      But it is very rare that I ever buy any, it is all given to me. But
      when I have got it then I drink it. A large bottle of whisky would last
      me for about two or three weeks. But when it is gone then I never think
      about it. It is not something which I would buy. But it is good :- )
      But I mostly live on coffee, cigarettes, peanut butter and jam, ice
      cream, chocolate and music. My wife and kids make sure I get some
      `proper' stuff, like potatoes, fish, vegetables, and all that
      yuk stuff :- ) I don't think I am capable of looking after myself
      :- )))) But it has worked for a long time ;- )

      So, set them up Joe, and one for the road. Make mine a Real Ale or a
      good malt Whisky, oh yeah, and a Cuban cigar and a good Celtic wench.
      If not then a Spanish one :- )

      Merlin of Avalon

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