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Acquiring answers to questions

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    Acquiring answers to questions [Re: [serenityandtolerance] Re: When religion is dead 1. [ Questions and questioning are more important than any answers ?
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2011
      Acquiring answers to questions

      [Re: [serenityandtolerance] Re: When religion is dead

      1. [ Questions and questioning are more important than any answers ?

      Seems so... Although I like to try to put some stakes in the ground...
      it makes it possible for me to quit thinking about whatever it was long
      enough to get something else done. Allen Francom ]

      2. [ Ignorance is the Fall. The dynamic Truth is the way reality
      presents itself to us. It's somehow comforting to know that because
      it's dynamic, no moment is like any other. This means each of us has a
      unique truth. John]

      3. [ Many people choose to be ignorant. For many the saying "Ignorance
      is bliss" fits so well. If a person is ignorant then they don't have to
      get up out of their comfort zone. Blind faith, built on emotion without
      rational thought scares the bejeesers out of me. We talk of mystical
      experiences, it is interesting to note that the experience is
      realative. Like art, two people can look at a piece of art, but they
      both experience it in a different way. Fire Thorn ]

      On rare occasions (or perhaps not so rare for hat matter) one can
      receive an answer without ever asking the question. But in which case
      it is NOT recognised as being an answer to a question, for the
      recipient had never formulated to the question in their mind. This can
      only been known from hindsight, and by analysis of the phenomenon
      presenting this experiential answer to an unasked question. One can
      then work out what the question was. This is a kind of reversal of
      cause and effect. There are quite a few well documented accounts among
      the thousands which I have read. I have some experience of it myself,
      and it correlates with what others have said about this. It is

      Along with this is the more common left-to-right (so to speak) causal
      process. Ask the question first and receive an answer to it later.
      (assuming one gets an answer that is). In this there are two kinds of
      phenomenon to ask questions about: material stuff and non material
      stuff. The former is far more easy to get answers to. How does that
      grandfather clock work? Take it apart and find out. What is a stone
      made of? Take it apart and find out. But then there is the other kind
      of question – WHAT AM I MADE OF? Take it apart and find out. But
      you and I cannot take it apart – BUT IT HAPPENS. It is called
      PURGATION. And during it you find out ALL the parts that you are made
      of, and which part comes first. But whilst it is happening you do not
      realise that it is answers to that question. You only know that
      afterwards. And afterwards, for a while, you will say `OH SHIT!

      1. To quit thinking! YES indeed. It does not happen whilst thinking.
      It happens whilst relaxing. BUT the questioning instigated the process,
      and it might have been from some years or weeks before.

      2. In a manner of speaking the being born here ignorant of what we are
      is a kind of `fall from the knowledge of what we are'. So why
      does this happen? I spent twenty years on that one :- ) It would not
      happen if it were not needed. So why? FREEDOM! But why freedom? Good
      question, but it would take far too long here. But the gist of it is
      because IT WORKS and achieves an effect.

      3. Nobody chooses to be ignorant, that is ridiculous sir. But some
      people on finding themselves to be ignorant do not mind about that and
      therefore leave it at that. To some extent that also applies to all
      of us. I for one have no interest in becoming knowledgeable about fly
      fishing. So I skip it. NO, people do not find things to be different.
      That is a cop-out to looking and studying. Read about 20,000 documented
      accounts of experiences and you will find that they are NOT finding
      different things, they are finding relative to how far they have gone
      along that journey. Existences is not a different reality for every
      life form that ever existed – that is crazy. We all live in the
      same reality. The saying that each have their own truth is BULLSHIT.
      But it is true that they each are AT where they are each AT, at that
      moment. It is a journey and we are all on the same journey. That journey
      cannot be deduced by reason or thinking. It has to be discovered. A
      quest is not seen to be a quest until you know that you are on it.

      Generalising one can say that there are three kinds of people: Those
      who realise they are ignorant and go in search of answers: Those who
      realise that they are ignorant and don't care, so do nothing about
      it; and those who as yet who do not seem to realise that they are
      ignorant. But even within that categorisation there are shades, and
      different people react differently to this or that. I think they call
      this kind of transitional relativity by the name `the spice of
      life' :- )

      In all truth it is best to study – NOT ASSUME. Assumption is NOT a
      good travelling companion. But it can be a nice cosy cop-out and
      comfort blanket I guess. But that we can get any answers at all (and we
      do) is quite amazing isn't it.


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