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When religion is dead

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  • dick.richardson@rocketmail.com
    When religion is dead [ When religion is dead and buried, people will have no choice but to see what is TRUE. For those who have been brainwashed, it will
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      When religion is dead

      [ When religion is dead and buried, people will have no choice but to
      see what is TRUE. For those who have been brainwashed, it will be a
      longer, more arduous process. ]

      Wouldn't it be nice if things were quite as simple as that. But the
      problem runs deeper than religions and brainwashing does it not. And
      refraining from a blind faith and believing in this or that as a gap
      filler does not supply them with knowledge and answers does it. The
      crux of the problem seems to me to rest on a persons innate attitude to
      being ignorant of things. We are born here ignorant of things; yet we
      innately ask questions. If we were not ignorant then we would not ask
      questions and seek answers to them. The answer to the very first
      basic human question – what the heck am I doing here – is not
      self evident is it. So what is this or that persons attitude to that?
      You can only know your own attitude towards it. I know what mine was.
      You can also ask other people what their attitude was/is towards it. If
      they answer you then all you have is hearsay. They maybe telling you
      the truth and they maybe not.

      However, if we were not born ignorant (can you even imagine that) then
      there would be no belief systems, for they would not be needed by those
      who adopt them. But despite realising that they are ignorant many
      people do not take to believing things and adopting hearsay as truth.
      They are plainly not wired up the same are they. It is plain enough for
      all to see that once a belief system is ingrained then asking questions
      and seeking answers is going to be seen as a waste of time and effort,
      for they take it that they already have the answers which they want. It
      is due to some peoples reaction to ignorance that allows priestcraft to
      ply its trade. Just like the money lenders isn't it. If some feel
      that they must have this or that and yet they don't have the money
      for it then many will borrow it – and often finish up in deep shit.
      Or commit crimes for it and finish up in ever deeper shit. It is all
      the same isn't it, playing on peoples ignorance, needs and fears.
      Pure and outright psychological manipulation, and it is breaking no man
      made laws is it. It is just playing on the gullible and taking
      advantage of them.

      As for a religion then there is no way that one can ever stop people
      believing in something, for all they need do is to keep it to themselves
      and nobody would know. So getting rid of religion would not stop folks
      believing in this or that if they are predisposed to do that kind of
      thing. The best that you can do is to keep religion and cults out of
      politics and out of state education. They will not even do that will
      they :- ) You are supposed to be a good person if you believe in a
      pile of silly crap and fear your deity :- )

      In counter to this we are self evidently born asking questions, folks
      have various degrees of sensitivity yet they know they are ignorant and
      they search things out looking for answers. There is no way you are
      going to find a magic wand to turn one kind into another. So, the real
      question here is as to how does one bring about a civilisation that is
      not gullible? Do you know? I don't. Hopefully evolution will take
      care of it. This is why I am quite happy to watch all these fanatical
      religionists killing each other off. It is tragic, but that is what
      they are like, and the sooner they have gone the way of the Dodo the
      better for everybody and the world at large. They are INSANE and
      inhuman !

      As for mentioning about mystical experiences to people and it sometimes
      having a positive effect on them then that is something different
      altogether, and you sure aint going to mention such things to fanatical
      religionists : - ) So, the problem is not the religion and its
      perpetrators, the problem is the need for it. Without the need than the
      priestcraft would go away. How do you get rid of that? Are they a
      different species? Will they survive another couple of millennia? I
      hope not. They are very dangerous and disruptive people. The sooner
      they all drop dead the better. And no, I am not advocating getting rid
      of them :- ) Just keeping them out of politics and state education.
      That will do. For now anyway. And hopeful evolution of humanity will
      find a better way of wiring their brain up. A way which can make them
      useful here. You could try popping back here in five thousand years
      time and see how it is getting on here – or not bother :- )


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