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But a cigar is also a smoke

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  • dick.richardson@rocketmail.com
    But a cigar is also a smoke Some English geezer once wrote that a woman is always a woman but a cigar is also a smoke :- ) Yeah well ! I read that the word
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2011
      But a cigar is also a smoke

      Some English geezer once wrote that a woman is always a woman but a
      cigar is also a smoke :- ) Yeah well !

      I read that the word Cigar was derived from Mayan Indians Ciker or
      Cicar, and among other things was used as a right of passage for young
      men :- ) I cant remember when I first had a cigar; I must have had some
      puffs from about the age of five. As to why Cuban products are banned
      in the USA then that is pure nuts, but I hear tell that they are
      smuggled in by the thousands each day – good for them :- ) Problem
      is that it pushes the price up. I am told that they burn the ones that
      they confiscate, but I sure don't believe that : - ) When I worked
      for the Metropolitan Police Scotland Yard many of the condoms that were
      knocked off from the Durex Company found their way into my locker at
      work, and I used to sell them to the coppers :- ) It was expected of
      me, part of the job, so I was happy to oblige. But Sssshhhh.

      Among my Yuletide gifts last year (last week) were two bottles of
      amongst the best Scotch single malt whisky's and a box of forty
      Montecristo Cuban cigars. The combination of the two is better than sex
      :- ))) The alternative when you are skint is a pint of beer, a bag of
      crisps and a home rolled fag. I shall be back to that next week, or
      sooner the way thing are going :- ) Yuletide and Birthdays have their
      good points. Unfortunately I now have to wait nearly a year for either

      That was one of the things that I loved about the major chess club
      which I started when I was twenty two or three. We had a big coal and
      log fire in the room, they all smoked cigarettes, cigars and pipes, and
      there was a speaker device through which we used to call down to the bar
      and order the drinks which were sent up to us. We had it organised well
      – there were even some chess games :- ) Man how things have
      changed and in such a short time. One outstanding evening was when an
      irate Welshman threw his glass of beer at somebody because he beat him
      :- ))) As I was still running the club at the time they all looked at
      me, and I was by far the youngest one there. I did not give a damn, I
      just said what a bloody waste of good beer. I think that saved the
      evening :- )

      There was one guy who used to smoke king sized cigarettes, and nobody
      ever knew how he did it but the ash never fell off. He would sit there
      hunched over the board with about three inches of ash on this
      cigarette, his opponents always panicked; then when he got into a bad
      position, which he invariably did, he would then blow :- ) You can
      imagine the result of that. On another night some geezer came in with
      fresh dog shit all over his shoes. He wandered around the boards looking
      at all the games before he sat down to play; so the dog shit went
      everywhere. Nobody said anything until one guy yelled out –
      `Ker-Riced, who's shit!' Then a couple of them ran off for
      buckets and mops. But the cigars soon drowned the smell out. I am
      told that that chess club is still going, but I sure bet that it aint
      like it used to was :- ) Why do so many sad sacks want to take the fun
      out of life? Can you think of a better way of dying than laughing?
      Ehh shit, I am supposed to be a mystic, from heaven, and they are
      supposed to be saints aint they. Man, have they got that wrong :- )

      Oh well, press on.


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