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Re: Frontier and a Compound of Opposites

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    Re: Frontier and a Compound of Opposites [Re: [The-Primordial-Quest] The Next Frontier. Yep... I ve been familiar with that pioneer spirit my entire life.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2011
      Re: Frontier and a Compound of Opposites

      [Re: [The-Primordial-Quest] The Next Frontier.

      Yep... I've been familiar with that pioneer spirit my entire life. I've
      been in a few places around the world, but I always find my way back
      here in the Pacific North-West in the good old U S of A where that
      pioneer spirit still exists. I see it from Bigfoot country in Northern
      California, through Oregon and Washington. Definitely through Canada
      and Alaska where my Indian tribe hails from (the tribe is probably
      Russian in origin, from Alaska "the Russian zone).

      You gotta go native if you want to survive, unless you have some big
      company from the East coast supporting you in the metro area ;-) Seems
      like the only real obstacle to the intended way of life is progress,
      prosperity and huge populations. Kinda reminds me of the old Indian
      saying.." Time to pull stakes. Too many people crapping in the creak".
      Yes indeed, Sir Richard, I think you would have gotten along nicely
      here back in the "Dances with Wolves" days. Heck, you would probably
      get along fine here right now. I can't say that about most people
      though. I've given invites to a lot of foreigners but they declined.
      Probably afraid they would get scalped or sumpin. Thats fine though. If
      they don't know they want to be here, then they simply don't belong

      I like the theme of Dances with Wolves. A stranger to the land found
      himself isolated here and learned to live with his resources. Took a
      while to learn what not to do and what must be done, but not an
      impossible task. Learned to associate with the critters of the land,
      and become one himself. I've always liked the way the Indians name
      people through observation. The name consists of observation of the
      individual and some habit in the verb, modulo, nown format. Me, I see

      Another reason you would like it here is that traditionally, the
      youngsters have learned to seek counsel from the elders that have had
      experience. You would be in demand. Having experience doesn't seem to be
      as important to the youngsters in a lot of places on this ever
      diminishing globe we live on.

      Take care, best wishes and I hope that everyone has a great new year. I
      always look forward to the Beltane season. Things like base-ball and all
      the other things that make it so attractive to people like me ;-)

      old bob ]

      When I was in my early twenties I read about all the different Indian
      tribes, I sure cannot remember it all now, but I did feel an affinity
      with them in some strange way; I don't know why, but there we go. I
      could never understand as to why the USA made such crap movies about
      the Injuns. And as for what they did then that is one of humanities
      greatest abominations ever. But as for that movie, Dances with Wolves,
      then even the bloody music makes one use a tissue, let alone when the
      Wolf and the Horse get shot, and that ending when the geezer is standing
      on top of rock yelling to them as they were leaving :- ) It is an
      awful bloody movie - one of the best ever. The other three movies
      which I really liked from the USA were Gone with the Wind; Shane, and
      Casablanca. As for Indian place names then I think they are the best
      ever. One can hardly compare Shenandoah with Come Hardy on the Marsh :-
      ) Funny too that my favourite people names have always been Russian
      names. But probably the best name ever was Mangus Colorado (Red
      Sleeves). But all that business about Europeans moving into the West
      could have all be done so differently. But there you go. You cannot
      undo what was done. It stays done for ever. But people change.

      Yeah, I think I would have fitted in well there too at that time. And
      yet it is so alien to anything which I have ever known. A big
      adventure here was to piss off and go two hundred miles down the road
      :- ) Tis only a small rock in the sea here :- ) But the contrast was
      the same. They were all `ignorant barbarians' in the West
      County when I moved down here :- ) But when you got to know them it
      was not so. The ignorant barbarians were where I came from. But not
      really, just different. But there are none of that tribe left now
      anyway, they are all dead and gone and there are a strange bunch in
      London now. You don't see many English there :- ) Anything but.
      Happy days !

      One of the fascinating things which always intrigued me about the
      phenomenon called Man, is the contained paradoxes which we are within
      the package of our being. It is much like a cosmological experiment in
      a mixing bowl isn't it. Ranging from the very best of STUFF to the
      very worst of STUFF. Somebody said yesterday that no matter what, we
      still have to eat and excrete :- ) What a strange way of looking at
      things :- ) Of course we have to eat and shit, but there is more to
      Man than that. When I first became a mystic (still don't know why
      that happened) I found it so funny that this thing which lords it over
      paradise while here FARTS ! I always did have a wacky sense of humour.
      But when I see the worst of Man then I RAGE and want to fight. But when
      I see the best of Man, then I need a tissue – sshhhh. The
      phenomenon of Man is a very very strange critter. But I like it. I
      would rather be a human being than a fish.

      I think the trick is to accept all the things which we are, and all the
      bits that we are made of, and to get all those bits and dichotomous
      differences working together as one package and then doing the best
      with it that we can. I think it is called `pulling our self
      together'. Sure, I lord it over the timeless ever lasting now of
      Eternity and revel there in bliss. But I also fart, laugh, cry, fight,
      and go on wacky adventures. Is any other critter so fortunate and
      well endowed with potential? I can become the best of STUFF or the
      worst of STUFF, and in that I even have a choice. Don't you think
      that is amazing? Bloody amazing. I do. And when I see a fair maiden
      walking in the fields of gold I do not think of her having a crap
      behind the bushes. I think of her as a puff of magic stuff from
      eternity which has taken up this form. Life is magic. Bloody magic ! I
      will vote for it anyway.

      Happy New Year.

      Merlin of Exmoor (weird stuff, from eternity for this purpose)

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