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Re: Love Death plus Evolution of the Soul

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  • dick.richardson@rocketmail.com
    Re: Love Death plus Evolution of the Soul [ RE: [Psychognosis_Archive] Love and Death Wonderful post, Dick. Never underestimate the effect of sharing your
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      Re: Love Death plus Evolution of the Soul

      [ RE: [Psychognosis_Archive] Love and Death

      Wonderful post, Dick.

      Never underestimate the effect of sharing your experiences. You are a
      seed planter. Those seeds of truth will grow when people are ready to
      hear. Religion is crumbling as we speak. Small tidbits of
      information via archaeology and history are coming to light and the
      internet is expediting the process. When religion is dead and buried,
      people will have no choice but to see what is TRUE. For those who
      have been brainwashed, it will be a longer, more arduous process. The
      mind is a powerful thing. But, keep knocking down those walls, Dick.

      I have never had difficulty believing you – but that is due to my
      own personal experiences that date back to the age of 9 for me. (that I
      can remember) I didn't begin talking about them until my Dad
      passed on – and these experiences have grown exponentially since
      that time. Several years ago, I went to see a neurologist at the
      urging of my family. After months of tests and being hooked up like
      Medusa (wires glued to my head), they were no closer to finding
      answers. 7 years later, I continue to have these "visions"
      that leave me feeling extremely drained. I know what it means to be
      called crazy --- and these episodes that I have, have been increasing in
      frequency over the last year, with some new revelations and experiences
      … and a newfound ability to see death. (not sure it is a gift)
      This year, I am 3 for 3 and make a point to share with one person when
      it happens. I have only shared my experiences with a close few (until
      now) and even those who know me best – those I thought would
      certainly be understanding and open, KNOWING ME, try to explain it away
      and think of some other possible explanation. And a few others in my
      close circle were surprisingly understanding and ended up sharing
      personal experiences of their own. So, you never know. It matters not
      what others think of you. Someday, they will have an awakening of
      their own, whether it be in this life or the next. All you can do is
      present it to them. Many people are incapable of opening their mind to
      things outside of their 5 senses ~ and then you have some that take it
      to an extreme that lacks any common sense. One day, all will awaken to
      Truth. I "believe" that in my heart of hearts. There are an
      increasing number of children being born with psychic gifts that
      completely contradict religion ---- the newer generations will be the
      ones, I think, to break those chains of religion for good. At least, I
      am hopeful. MY OWN children have gifts I gather they get from their
      Great Grandmother and it is so wonderful and refreshing to be able to
      talk to them about it and encourage them. No one was there to
      encourage to me and I quickly learned to keep things to myself. Their
      understanding far surpasses mine when I was their age. And it gives
      me hope.

      Those who have understanding will hear – but no matter what, you
      are planting seeds. Keep planting them – I remember talking to
      you not too long ago in regard to the lower self and Higher Self ….
      I have been thinking much about your term "annihilation", which
      seems to describe the same thing … the stripping away of what is
      not real and the revelation of What Is. Sometimes I do not explain
      myself well, and sometimes I do get sidetracked, and did not make the
      connection until after one of your posts. I have not taken that trip
      … but the psychic experiences continue and seem to be growing.
      Possibly because I no longer discount them or try to hide them in the
      proverbial attic. =)

      What do you think of "All That Is" descending (taking human
      form) to experience Him/Herself? I believe that's a Gnostic
      teaching. Personally, I haven't come to solid conclusion on the
      purpose of life. What makes the most sense to me is an evolution of
      the soul. I suppose one day I will figure it all out.

      Anyway .. last post for 2010 … I wish you and your family a Happy
      New Year, Merlin …

      Blessings -

      ~Tracey ]

      One of the big problems with both Mystical experience and Psychic
      phenomena (and the latter being very common) is that some folks
      deliberately MYSTIFY it, especially those who start clubs, cults, and
      you name it; and put themselves at the top of it. `You cannot know
      this or do that until you have gained high status in the order',
      and all that kind of BULLSHIT. That is an ego trip for them, and it can
      make a lot of money too, and no doubt `FAME' :- ) The other
      kind is just little boys clubs :- ) Bollocks to the lot of them !

      Years ago when I was working with various organisations and soliciting
      documented accounts we, and particularly I, would just say to them
      – TELL IT AS IT WAS; no fluff and gloss. There is nothing more
      simple. And all these accounts are there for the reading of in many
      archives. But there are those who want to keep them quiet and well
      hidden; and especially the church :- ) Ahh, man, it is a crazy world
      here :- )))

      But your point about The Evolution of the Soul (by any other name) is
      the biggest and most mysterious part of it all. I mentioned that
      everything is written. THAT is where it is written, on what you and many
      call the Soul and what I call the Subconscious. Same thing.

      What is the Soul/Subconscious like when you are IN IT? BIG, and WEIRD.

      I will never forget that expansion of consciousness into that middle
      realm, it was AMAZING. I have described it all in the book. So I will
      not go into it here. If some say that Annihilation is the most scary
      thing then perhaps they should take a look at that expansion job. It is
      like your mind and consciousness blowing up into the size of a universe.
      But I still maintain that the most scary thing in all life is when one
      of your kids goes out on their bike alone for the first time. One is
      like a puddle of jelly until they get back safe.

      As for the actual evolution of the soul then I never give it a thought,
      let it get on with it :- ) It is a bit outside of my limited scope to
      deal with. Same too with the physical body, I never worry about it or
      give it a thought, it can take care of itself. But how long is the
      `book' of the Soul upon for, and how many `pages' of
      data can it contain? PASS ! And what is more I really do not give a
      hoot. Best to think of the Soul as an ENGINE ROOM. Now, a good analogy
      is this. Imagine a ship, then where would you rather be; in the engine
      room or up on the deck and seeing what is going on in life and other
      stuff? Being a rank pragmatist, and knowing that the Soul can take
      care of itself, and grow by way of experience, then I would rather be
      where the flowers and the birds are, and fair maiden with long flaxen
      hair – and a castle to ride off to via the fields of gold. And sing
      as I go. I am not a club type mystic, but rather a lone ranger.

      As for mystical (and psychic) experiences then just tell it as IT IS,
      and that can sow its own seeds in others. The engine room is where the
      stuff gets done. Without that middle bridge there could be no
      incarnation. Eternity is no good on its own. It needs to sling its hook
      – and go a-wandering. I like that bit best. ADVENTURE. Next stop
      Orion and then Andromeda. There can be nowhere where consciousness
      cannot go.

      I am trying to write a bloody novel you know :- ) I have never ever
      made a new year resolution, but I am going to now – as from
      tomorrow I am going to get on with the novel. You are welcome to come
      and join me. I have given you the links before.

      Much love, merry Yuletide, happy new year, and all that stuff. Keep
      smiling for it keeps the blues away. Oh, by the way, I would tell all
      mystics to get bloody grounded and calm down :- ) It is only LIFE
      unfolding. Go with the flow.

      Merlin of Exmoor

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