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The Next Frontier.

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    The Next Frontier. [ Hi to All! On this, the last day of 2010, I have set a course for 2011. I plan to start a web site which will open to a Home Page
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2010
      The Next Frontier.

      [ Hi to All!

      On this, the last day of 2010, I have set a course for 2011.

      I plan to start a web site which will open to a Home Page featuring the
      Dirigo Energy Institute (DEI). This Home Page will publicize the Power
      Pyramid and then give internal links to the Home Pages for three other
      companies - Global Waste Management, Allied Modular Systems, and
      Anthony's Peerless Products.

      Two common characteristic of these three prospective businesses are
      that they will contribute 10% of earnings before taxes to DEI and they
      will operate under the principles of Relativistic Organizational
      Design, or ROD.

      A fourth internal link from the Home Page will be to LJN Enterprises,
      which will develop the ROD principles as the control mechanism for DEI
      and the three businesses.

      I hope to finish the web site design and set it up by the end of
      January, but it might slip – perhaps even to the end of March. I'll
      let you know when it is up and running.

      When it does get set up I will publicize the web site with email
      solicitations and public DEI lectures through 2011, seek seed money
      financing for the three businesses through 2012, expand into the Alpha
      Association and two more business in 2013, go even further with the
      Omega Society and still two more businesses in 2014, and then branch
      out into the Roots and Wings Institute and The John Foundation in 2015.

      Those are only plans, and it is nice to have them, but now it is almost
      time to finally get down to the really serious business of 2010 - the
      New Year's Eve party!

      I hope tomorrow morning finds all of you and your families safe and
      ready to embark upon a happy and bright 2011!

      I have uploaded to the Files the most recent RWR Commentaries; there
      are now 81 entries and 191 pages, but only a few have been edited. I
      hope to get this up to 100 edited entries, rearranged by category, by
      December of 2014.


      Best regards,

      Leon ]

      I have just, for the third time, watched the best movie ever to come
      out of the USA. Dances with Wolves. That was all about a new frontier.
      Wish I had been there in those days. I too would have fought on both
      sides. How could one not.

      It is not every day that we have to face a new frontier, but such times
      come and the old always passes into the new, and ever moves on. But it
      always takes with it the lessons of the past and the learning and
      understand thereof. This is both a personal and a collective phenomena.
      It is not about me, him or her, it is about LIFE. And we are that.

      What is the next great new frontier for Humanity? I am not sure exactly,
      but it is about the exploration of both outer and inner space; and the
      relationship between the two. And how to live a physical life. When
      will it start? It has already started. When will it end? It
      doesn't end. It just moves on and on. People come and people go;
      species come and species go, empires and civilisations come and go, but
      LIFE goes on going on; always ancient but ever new. Never a day goes

      One of the questions which each generation has to confront is as to what
      we leave behind us for the next generation. It is like watching a
      mountain grow. What species will one day sit on top of that mountain
      and looking back down on it all and seeing how it grew. Let us make it
      THIS species; for we can do it.

      Life can and does contain death and the cross of time and eternity. (X)
      But death cannot contain life and time and eternity. We are each and
      individually a part of both Time and Eternity; and we are so because we
      ARE LIFE. THIS is the lesson for today so that tomorrow can be built
      upon it. And layer by layer the mountain grows. And we do leave
      footprints along the way, like they were writ on stone.

      A life is such a tiny part of LIFE isn't it. But each and every one
      can play a large part. If you are one who likes to make new year
      resolutions then let yours be to play a positive part in the building
      of that mountain; and leave footprints on the sands of Time which echo
      in Eternity. Life is not for nothing. Nothing is for nothing; and there
      is no such thing as nothing, and there never was and there never will
      be such a thing as nothing. To those who tell you otherwise then tell
      them to take another look. For they seem to have missed everything.

      For the love of Eternity and Time. Open yourselves to it all. For you
      cant have one in fullness without the other. They are two sides to one
      coin; and there is a traversable bridge between the two. Do not be
      afraid of going there. For fear does not behove the Dignity of Man and
      what it IS. A new frontier awaits. Be eager and willing to go there and
      do what needs to be done.

      Dick Richardson

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