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Re: What will you think while being annihilated

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    Re: What will you think while being annihilated [ Re: [serenityandtolerance] Re: What will you think whilst being annihilated. Tell you what, it was
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2010
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      Re: What will you think while being annihilated

      [ Re: [serenityandtolerance] Re: What will you think whilst being

      Tell you what, it was incredibly scary. Never been so terrified. But
      I'd do it again, on purpose, if I knew how. The other side is amazing.
      Maybe it is a good thing we generally don't know how. We might not
      stick around here for the blink of an eye it is. What is more
      interesting is what did we think in deciding to come here ? There must
      be a reason. Maybe it beats the instantaneous boredom of having
      immediate access to everywhen. Or maybe we accidentally focused for a
      split second too long and poof ! We're monkeys. Damn... Maybe it was
      for the boobs... Ah, heavenly boobs... But seriously, I think it is a
      better question, what are we going to choose to focus on next and why ?
      Same place ? What is the logical/physical connection between here and
      there such that we are 'both' ? Why not just be one place or the other
      permanently ? There's something about living in a body that is special
      in all its imperfection and eventual demise. So good, it is worth it.
      We chose this. Allen Francom. ]

      [ I think the following paragraph is confusing and needs explanation
      and examples.

      " What is annihilation like? It is a bit like
      > > being incinerated; melting away. And when it is done then you will
      > > your SELF. Ipso. Assuming that is that you come out the other side
      > > annihilation. Could it be that some do not come out the other side
      > > annihilation? I doubt it. How long does it take from being ended
      > > not existing to that of being resurrected back into the SELF in
      > > Eternity? A few seconds it seemed like. But if it were a billion
      > > then it would be the same. Death is of very short duration. Wait
      > > see."

      In my view what Friedrich Nietzsche in --The Gay Science says make

      "Let us beware of saying that death is the opposite of life. The living
      being is
      only a species of the dead, and a very rare species."

      Arif N. Khan ]

      You were the only two people, on five groups, who addressed this
      question. Good for you. All the others went DERRR!

      Yes, I found it a wee bit scary as well. But that was short lived. Was
      it worth it? Oh yes. I will reply later if I may, for I have only
      just woken up and there is much to do right now.

      I will call the reply Love and Death.

      Dick Richardson

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