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Write your own ending

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    Write your own ending Every once in a while, maybe a few hours a week, it is good to relax whilst the world around you is going nuts, and just let your
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      Write your own ending

      Every once in a while, maybe a few hours a week, it is good to relax
      whilst the world around you is going nuts, and just let your
      imagination run wild. It is one of the great faculties of our species;
      as well as simply being just fun, and sometimes fruitful. What I would
      recommend is that you have a go at writing fiction. DON'T say that
      you cannot do it, for you can do it; anyone can do it. To begin all you
      have to do is to write one word, and then another, until you have the
      first sentence. If you are not satisfied you can delete it a hundred
      times and keep re-doing it. That is all part of the fun. The trick is
      to write it to please YOU, not other people. NEVER set out with the idea
      of selling it. You may or you may not sell it, but that is utterly
      irrelevant. The point being is that you are using and developing your
      own creative abilities. We all have them. Without the effects which
      arise from human creative potential we would not amount to much here.
      Every civilisation began with an idea. Moreover, there is no limit to
      what one could write about in terms of fiction; as you well know.
      Anything from a sloppy romance fiction (which many folks love to read
      for a bit of light relief from the toils of the day) to that of a great
      inspirational saga.

      I well remember the day back in the late seventies when a young woman (a
      psychology student at the time) asked me to have a go at a fictional
      novel. I laughed and said no way. Not only was I too busy with other
      things but I had never read more than half a dozen novels. And there
      was far too much to write about which was not fiction. But she kept on
      and on and on for weeks, until I got fed up with it and sat and wrote a
      few chapters to shut her up. She liked it, and said do some more :- )
      But I did not do some more. Well, not until over thirty years later
      when the other stuff was done and finished. But I took the same story
      up again, and found that it was FUN. Why not have some fun ! So why
      don't you have a go? You can do it.

      You of course will have your own personal taste in fiction, as do we
      all. My own personal taste in fiction is a story which has some bearing
      and component on human beings and the human story (not elves and
      pixies). And taking today as the starting point and pushing it to the
      limits of ones own imagination – if any limits there be. But a
      fascinating thing is that when other folks pick up on the same story
      line and add to it, and it then becomes a LEGEND and a saga. One could
      name a few well known examples, such as the Odyssey, the Iliad, the
      Arthurian Legend, so on and so forth. Such stories as these MUST
      contain some seeds of human truth but then expanded upon and pushed to
      whatever limits. Thus what I always called FACT-in-FICTION. It is the
      stuff which great Myths and Saga's are made of, and all the
      different people adding their own little bit to it throughout time.

      I have always smiled when observing academics trying to establish the
      `facts' of a cultural mythical legend. They go on and on and on
      (all their lives some of them) and they get nowhere fast. I think they
      are missing the whole point : - ) The story is the THING; not who
      wrote it, why and when. What the hell does it matter who started it, why
      and when? I does not matter a jot. The story is the THING. And it
      might sound crass, but all good stories ought to begin with – Once
      upon a time! And one could add – In a land far away! When I was
      writing non fiction I began with – Once upon a time there was a
      time when there was no time. And that is true of conscious experience.
      However, we are talking of fiction here.

      One of the great advantages of being old is that you get more time to
      yourself; well a little bit anyway. And to write fiction you do not
      have to be fit enough to run up and down a couple of mountains each
      day. You can relax in your favourite cave, pull a chair up around the
      hearth, and let rip with your imagination. And write one word at a time.
      And la she blows. Why not give it a try. You will be gone from here
      soon anyway, so why not leave a story behind you. Or even add to an
      existing one. Hell, you even have a writing machine which you can put
      on your lap around the fire and which even does the spelling for you :-
      ) Imagine in the days of Yore when you would have to sit in a draughty
      castle and write with messy ink around a candle. But they did it. The
      human spirit is indomitable. So, USE that which you have got, and that
      which is made available to you, right up to the end. Go out singing
      your song or writing your story. It might be the story which inspires
      the third and fourth millennia. You never know. Go for it. You have
      nothing to lose.

      If you want to add to an existing one then try these and write your own
      middle bits and endings and transfer the locations to your own area
      which you know well. Hell, we might start a legend. Leave your stories
      buried in a safe mettle box so that they will dig them up in hundreds
      of years time. And they will wonder.

      Merlin (not the real name)




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