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Mysticism and Reductionism

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    Mysticism and Reductionism [ Re: Can I reduce colours in altered states? Dear Dick, The reason for reduction (or derivation) of subjective experiences
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2010
      Mysticism and Reductionism

      [ Re: Can I reduce colours in altered states?

      Dear Dick,

      The reason for reduction (or derivation) of subjective experiences
      (SEs) such colors is to make SEs tractable in my dual-aspect dual-mode
      framework (Vimal, 2008, 2010). There are innumerable SEs and hence hard
      to handle them. Further reasons are detailed in (Vimal, 2009a).

      I never been in Samadhi state, so I do not know. But yogis seems to

      (1) Subject-object duality disappears; if an enemy is in front of a
      yogi, the enmity for yogi disappears because he feels that he and his
      enemy are the same person. Further details in (Vimal, 2009b).

      (2) SEs can be derived from a proto-experience and 3 gunas (qualities);
      detailed in (Vimal, 2009a).

      (3) Feeling of unlimited happiness. And so on.

      Acharya Peter Wilberg in UK can tell you better (see his communication
      with me in pages 53-120 of (Vimal, 2009a)). His email IDs are :
      1D7r7AmGTaDg> ; ask&learn@...
      SF8aMEyGHp4nHlX1PLtk> .





      Vimal, R. L. P. (2008). Proto-experiences and Subjective Experiences:
      Classical and Quantum Concepts. Journal of Integrative Neuroscience.
      [Available at
      uantum-JIN-0701-P49.pdf> >], 7(1), 49-73.

      Vimal, R. L. P. (2009a). Derivation of Subjective Experiences from a
      Proto-experience and three Gunas in the Dual-Aspect-Dual-Mode
      Framework. Vision Research Institute: Living Vision and Consciousness
      Research [Available:
      > >], 2(5), 1-140.

      Vimal, R. L. P. (2009b). Interpretation of Empirical Data of Samadhi
      State and the Dual-Aspect Dual-Mode Optimal Framework. Vision Research
      Institute: Living Vision and Consciousness Research [Available at
      pdf> >], 2(3), 1-130.

      Vimal, R. L. P. (2010). Matching and selection of a specific subjective
      experience: conjugate matching and subjective experience. Journal of
      Integrative Neuroscience [Longer version is available at
      n-LVCR-3-1.pdf> >], 9(2), 193-251. ]

      Good morning Ram,

      Thank you for both your personal statement and also the links.

      I have never heard of Peter Wilberg from North London, so I looked him

      { Acharya Peter Wilberg is an Indian spiritual teacher reborn in
      North-West London in 1952 of German and German-Jewish parentage. Peter
      Wilberg's past-life and inter-life spiritual knowledge, psychic
      abilities and profound intellect came to expression in his early
      childhood - during which he already cultivated and practiced advanced
      yogic powers or `Siddhis'. When only eight years old he
      spontaneously wrote an essay for his Religious Education class which
      expressed the essence of the Hindu- Tantric philosophy of time (Kaala),
      creative vibration (Spanda), and `energy' (Shakti). Whilst
      still in primary school he practiced the yoga of dreaming - the ability
      to visualise and enter a dream directly from the waking state with his
      dream body - and retain full awareness within the dream. He also used
      daily classical music listening to cultivate a yoga of `inner
      sound' and `feeling tone'. This involved using his face and
      eyes as an instrument by which to express, embody and amplify the inner
      music of the soul }

      I too am from North London (1938) Feel free to invite him to the group.
      Tell him that there is another old Cockney here. However.

      Consciousness Study, Depth Psychology, and Mysticism, has been my own
      major study throughout most of my life, and due to spontaneous mystical
      experiences. There are of course many organisations doing what is now
      called Consciousness Study. But, unfortunately, and as you more or less
      said yourself, Consciousness cannot be got at by any known tool OTHER
      than consciousness itself. So, one is not actually studying
      Consciousness but rather the CONTENT of Consciousness – the stuff
      that Consciousness carries on its various wavelengths – EXPERIENCE,
      and which makes us aware of things and stuff. But just as in Radio
      one is receiving the program (information) not information on the
      carrier wave of the signal. An interesting phenomena of which is single
      side-band mode in which the carrier wave is suppressed and then put back
      in again in the radio by a beat frequency oscillator. And then the
      information on the carrier wave can be demodulated. However.

      Mysticism (an umbrella name for the various mystical experiences) is
      not a religion, or a philosophy – it is EXPERIENCE. It has got
      nothing to do with religions, philosophies, beliefs, theories etc; it
      is to do with LIFE and living it. So the question is – what is this
      stuff revealing to us and what are the effects of it?

      Now, this is fascinating, so hang in there a while and walk with me. As
      I have stated many time there are two very different kinds of mystical
      experience: Extroverted and Introverted, and I have explained them both
      in some detail in the books. Now, it is very interesting to find that
      the zenith of one kind (introverted) is a form of direct reductionism,
      and it has been called Purgation for millennia. This takes stuff away
      and one finds out what is then left which cannot be taken away. The
      zenith of the other kind (extroverted) puts it all back together again.
      Plus more. You would find it an interesting study, for it is all about
      us – the living entity. And it makes one realise where all
      religions and metaphysics and protophysics came from – until it was
      stolen for other reasons, such as politics and power. The mind of man
      really should study itself. QED.

      Dick Richardson

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